Points to Ponder: It's not too Late to Have a Happy Boxing Day

Points to Ponder
It's not too Late to Have a Happy Boxing Day
By Pastor Whitmore
Weekly Contributing Writer

If you look on your average calendar, the day after Christmas is "Boxing Day." It's the day when you smack around those people who gave you gifts you hate.
No, the name has nothing to do with fisticuffs or any kind of violence. No one really knows where it came from, but Boxing Day probably began in England during the Middle Ages - most areas settled by the English, other than the United States, celebrate it.
Historians believe that because servants had to work on Christmas Day, they were given the following day off. Their employers would present them with gift boxes as they prepared to leave to visit their families.
Today the tradition continues as people give gifts to those who have rendered a service during the previous year. Gifts are given to mail and newspaper carriers, tradesmen, doormen, etc. You can imagine how the local post office had tons of boxes flowing through their receiving docks and out for delivery on their mail trucks. Then after a quiet Christmas day, the postal workers return to receive a ton of boxes that are meant for them.
So it's a day that was established to honor those who serve.
On the church calendar, it is the Feast of Saint Stephen, named for one of the original seven deacons mentioned in the Book of Acts, chapter six.
The term deacon means "one who serves." These deacons were ordained by the Apostles to care for widows and the poor. Stephen gave his ultimate form of service in that he was stoned to death by a mob who despised his message. Stephen's final act was to ask God to not punish his killers.
In some churches, there are alms boxes into which people gave their coins to benefit the poor. On Boxing Day, or better known to them as the Feast of Saint Stephen, the alms boxes are opened and the contents distributed to the needy.
So the theme of Boxing Day is appropriate for December 26th. On Christmas, God came down from Heaven to put on flesh and to give His life a ransom for us all. And in gratitude for our Lord's service to us, we take the next day to offer our sacrificial service to others.
Have a happy belated Boxing Day. Do something special to touch the lives of those who have been touching yours.

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