Seed Treatment Products Offer

Seed Treatment Products Offer
New-Generation Fungicide

Seed treatment products with a new-generation fungicide for soybeans and cotton will offer more consistent, complete protection against key plant diseases.

(NAPS)-Fungal diseases such as Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia are major causes of poor emergence and stand development in soybeans. But farmers will have a stronger line of defense in 2013 with a new-generation fungicide for soybeans and cotton.
Acceleron(r) Seed Treatment Products will offer multiple modes of action to deliver more complete and consistent disease protection, including a new fungicidal active ingredient. In addition to continuous protection from seed and seedling diseases, they offer an insecticide as well for early-season insect pressure such as bean leaf beetle and early-season soybean aphids.
"These seed treatment products with the new-generation fungicide, in combination with other management practices, can help protect against these damaging seedling diseases, enabling farmers to achieve more uniform stands, higher yield potential and better return on investment," said Davie Wilson, Monsanto Seed Treatment Product Development Manager.
"It's a new class of fungicide and a new mode of action that's new to the industry," he added. "It brings us another level in disease protection from what we have had in the past. Farmers will see a difference."
These seed treatment products are selected to complement and help maximize the performance potential of Genuity(r) Roundup Ready 2 Yield(r) soybeans. They provide an early-season advantage of improved early-season vigor and stand establishment with superior protection from seed and seedling diseases and early-season insect pests.
For additional information about Acceleron(r) Seed Treatment Products, farmers can contact their seed representative or ag retailer or visit Individual results may vary. You should always read and follow grain marketing and all other stewardship practices and pesticide label directions.