Urgent Christmas Need For Teens!

Urgent Christmas Need For Teens!
Letter from Community Foundation of Washington County, Inc.

Dear Friends and Donors of the Community Foundation,
This just in from Potomac Case Management!
A couple of my case managers have came to me in the last day or two asking if I knew any way to get donations for Christmas gifts for some of the teens they are working with, knowing that the parent(s) are barely paying electric bills, much less having anything for a gift.
Our staff has put together "essential" bags - we donated toothpaste, brushes, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
As of right now, we have five kids that will not receive anything except our "essential bags". Unfortunately, Salvation Army, does not provide for teens in this age group that often needs reached out to.
Please consider donating gift cards (in any amount - we'll stretch it), or ANYTHING you can.
If you can help, please contact Program and Staff Director David Dodson at 301-791-3087 ext. 210 or myself, Dawn Johns, at cfwc@cfwcmd.org or call 301-745-5210.
Thank you for thinking about this - anyway you can help will be greatly appreciated.
I wish you a peaceful Holiday Season,
Dawn Johns
Executive Director
*Edited for clarity