Points to Ponder: Impeach Fear

Points to Ponder
Impeach Fear
By Pastor Whitmore
Weekly Contributing Writer

Well, the election is over. Some are elated, or at least relieved, because their candidate won; thus the certain demise of our nation was averted. Others are discouraged, depressed, or perhaps scared; their guy lost and thus (in their minds) the end of the United States is now at hand. Both sides of the political spectrum sincerely are expecting a certain outcome.
Unfortunately, few of our elected officials are leaders; most are politicians. They project an image of who they want us to believe they are and, lacking all the facts by which to know what's true, we vote for one image over another.
Thus we are left with politicians in leadership roles who either can not or will not lead. In my Management Theory class at Towson State University, the Professor stated succinctly a key point about leadership: "Leaders are willing to make the difficult decisions no one else is willing to make." The problem today: one doesn't win elections by doing unpopular things.
Now that they're long since dead, we admire George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. But would we vote for them today?
Having been a sales manager in my earlier life, I have learned that businesses and governments that lack real leadership rely on a basic marketing technique: Fear of loss.
"For a limited time only"..."Last day to get this deal"..."There's no better time than right now." In the political realm, each candidate paints a dire picture of how awful life will be if his opponent wins. Consider this: how often have you voted for the lesser of two evils? It's basically fear, which drives the electoral process.
What can people of faith learn from this? Awareness, first of all. Put fear in its proper place.
William Sloane Coffin said:
"Fear distorts truth. Not by exaggerating the ills of the world, but by underestimating our ability to deal with them. While love seeks truth, fear seeks safety."
Among Christians, there is a collective amnesia - we forget that our King is not elected; He is Eternal. Even the President of the United States - whoever he is - will answer to Him one day.
In the meantime we have this admonition from the Apostle Paul.
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (II Timothy 1:7)
Memorize this - then live it. It's a three-against-one promise. Fear is not from God. Power, love, and a sound (or disciplined) mind are rooted in Him.
A system that more and more bases itself on a fearful electorate, will become increasingly powerless. Partisan grid lock, confusion, misrepresentation of the opponent's arguments (on both sides) keep the fires of fear burning. The powerful remain in power, yet have no power to do what is needed. And few will have the guts to place themselves in the risky position which leadership requires. Who wants to be a political martyr?
That means it's up to God's people to step up. You can't elect a messiah. The Messiah has already come. He's paid the price, purchased our freedom, and empowered each of us who believe in him to BE the difference,
Recall the account of the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9:10-17). The apostles had just returned from a mission trip, empowered by Jesus to heal the sick and cast out demons. They returned with very exciting stories about their exploits against the ills of the world. But when five-thousand-plus hungry people had gathered, they were overwhelmed by Jesus' simple command to feed them. All they could see was a huge crowd and no budget (5 loaves, 2 fish). They didn't ask Him how; they assumed it couldn't be done.
Jesus tells them to give Him what they have. He blesses it, hands it back to them, and commissions them to feed the crowd. Everyone ate to the full, leaving twelve baskets of leftovers (v. 17).
Lesson? It's safer not to try because obedience is risky. Obey Him where you are and He will work with what you have.

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