College Items 101: A Prerequisite for Parents and Freshmen

College Items 101
A Prerequisite for Parents and Freshmen

(ARA)- It's safe to say during a college freshman's first few days on campus, they'll encounter a few life-altering situations. On their own and away from the comforts of home, they'll be faced with an array of "real life" scenarios such as adjusting to different living arrangements, taking on additional responsibilities and meeting new friends. Handling these situations individually is stressful. Now imagine taking them on all at will make you want to scream!
A way to lessen a student's stress during the first days of collegiate life is to supply your child with objects that make new students feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Have your soon-to-be college student prepare a "needs" checklist. Together, review the list and decide which items are necessities. Next fill the list, pack the car and bring the products along with you to campus on move-in day. These items will help soothe the student's nerves and allow your son or daughter to easily adapt to the rapid changes of college life.
To help you get started, below is a list of products to consider when reviewing your student's "needs" checklist. Many of these items also make outstanding graduation gifts:
Frames-- Stocked with photos of family and friends, frames can bring a touch of home to campus. Plus, pictures are a great icebreaker and conversation starter.
Alarm Clock-- You won't be there to make sure they're up and out of bed. A battery-operated version might be helpful if the power goes out!
Entertainment-- College isn't all about studying. DVD players, video game systems, televisions and stereos are popular fixtures in college dorm rooms.
Mobile Media Storage Units-- College students frequently cross campus with CDs, DVDs and video games in-hand. To safeguard these items from harm, a product such as Vaultz Secure Storage Solutions should be considered. Vaultz offers an array of sturdy, stylish carrying cases from media binders to CD wallets, as well as high-capacity CD file cabinets for desks and counter tops. Each Vaultz product has its own locking mechanism.
Laptop Computer-- Laptops are a college necessity. For in-class note taking, conducting Internet research and E-mailing, a computer that travels will help students keep up with all their daily activities.
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)-- One of today's most popular technology products, PDAs help students stay on schedule and manage their time and assignments. A large selection of PDAs can be found at Best Buy, Circuit City, OfficeMax, Office Depot and Wal-Mart locations.
Kitchen Elements-- The cafeteria is not always open, so having appliances such as a microwave oven and mini-refrigerator in your dorm comes in handy. Plus, don't forget knives, forks and spoons.
As with any situation, if incoming college freshmen are comfortable with their surroundings, they'll adapt faster to campus life. And with comfort comes academic and social success.
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