Itís Not The 3 Digit Temperature That Needs To Change!

by Vikki Nelson

Here we are in the middle of July, the temperatures are soaring to well over 100 degrees, and I am still thinking about New Years Resolutions. You remember, those are the ones that you made when the climate was at 32 degrees on a good day. Well, the resolutions are still important. Remember a few weeks ago I was writing about how ďTHE HALF YEAR IS OVER?Ē We still need to do some more work on that side of business.

We are looking at cost cutting efforts in your business or even in your home. We all have budgets to follow. Some of our budgets that we do for our homes are way better than our National Budget or even our State budget. We have to meet ours. I am not always sure about those other guys meeting theirs.

But back to saving money - or maybe it just needs to be re-directed for more efficiency. I have a couple of simple suggestions and maybe one of them will work for you.

Get current with technology. Update your computer system and buy some of the new software that is appropriate for you business. Donít skimp on options such as high-density storage system for record keeping. Color printers are especially effective for your small business, advertising. You could possibly use those employees that spend hours doing payroll for Fridays and put them on a software payroll system and find that they have time to do other things that would make your offices more efficient.

Go back to school literally and figuratively. Check into your field of business to become aware of new advances. Make a point of going to conferences or seminars that relate to your business or an aspect of your business. Take a class to improve your management techniques, your advertising abilities or your computer skills. Or maybe someone in your company would be better suited to being sent back to school. You need to make those decisions and go with it.

Rethink your advertising programs. Decide if you want to sustain your market, regain your market, or explore new markets. Ask the advertising company you have worked with in the past, but also get new bids from new companies with new ideas.

Plan like a spendthrift and budget like a miser. A realistic budget is necessary to make sure that funding will be available to make those planned changes that will save costs, but donít sacrifice quality for a few pennies. Use those pennies to make it work.