Spring Editorial, March 18, 2012


If you've never been to Washington County, Maryland and our surrounding counties, then you are in for a big surprise. Washington County, Maryland offers sightseers a wide assortment of things to do and see. We take pride in our Civil War history, our glorious parks, our fascinating museums, and the beauty of it all.
Our county is a great place to enjoy hiking, bike riding, shopping, dining, recreation, and, of course, history. Our baseball team, the Hagerstown Suns, starts during this season, there's whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking at many of the rivers throughout the area, and of course, there's plenty of places to play golf and to fish.
South Mountain is an excellent place to take in the sights and enjoy your family. Fort Frederick State Park, C&O Canal National Historical Park, Antietam National Battlefield are some of our more memorable places to visit.
Imagine relaxing in a kayak or canoe as it passes under historic Burnside Bridge at Antietam Battlefield and thinking back to nearly 150 years ago when the whole area was in the throes of the Civil War. Washington County is home to great golf, upscale and outlet shopping, restaurants, museums, theater and superb hotel and meeting facilities.
Those who visit Washington County, come back year after year. Maybe it's Washington County's fresh country air. Or maybe it's because of all the fun jam-packed into our small space. Could it be all the down-home cooking? Or our rolling hills and meadows? Whatever the reason, visitors are sure have a great time.
Washington County beckons visitors with its natural beauty, endless views, intriguing towns, and seasonal festivals, events and activities for people of all ages. It's full of rich history, art, historic reenactments, and theaters.
Washington County is the perfect place to bring the family or come for a romantic weekend.
Inside this year's Spring Tourism Guide, readers can find out more about what Washington County has to offer its visitors, where to go to see the sights, read little known facts on our creeks and lakes, find out which winery suits you best, and of course, take in all our history.
No matter what you're looking for - Washington County, Maryland has it.

Yours in Ink,

Jennifer Leese
Editor, Picket News