Your Insurance Matters: Is your charitable organization secure?

Your Insurance Matters
Is your charitable organization secure?
By Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU.

Is your charitable organization secure?
Did you know that you can plan for your organization's stable financial future?
There is a significant market for legacy gifts that can secure your organization's future.
And, what's really remarkable: it's right in your donor database!
Most organizations tend to solicit planned gifts from more wealthy donors. Less affluent donors tend to be overlooked. But most of your donor database contains larger numbers of legacy gifts just waiting to be tapped.
Certainly the size of each gift from these less affluent people may be smaller. However, the number of potential donors will far outnumber those from the wealthier segment.
This group can provide the additional revenue streams for your non-profit organization that you might need to use right now!
Often, reaching out to inspire a donor's interests and emotions will make that donor want to contribute to your organization. How can this be done?
Does your charity have its mission clearly defined? Would your organization's interests and goals motivate a donor to contribute?
When the interests and mission of your organization are parallel with donors' interests and passions, the result can be feelings of closeness and of belonging. It is this feeling of connection to your organization that can motivate contributions.
Cash bequests are the most common type of charitable gift, but there are many different approaches that can be used to donate to a charitable organization. These include gifts of property through a will; a remainder interest in charitable remainder trust; remainder interest in personal residence or farm; a life insurance policy. And there are many other ways to give as well.
Charities have become more accustomed to soliciting legacy gifts. Over half of all legacy gifts are made after donors have received solicitations from non-profit organizations. What does this suggest?
Potential donors are waiting to be asked to contribute!
Working with an independent insurance professional can help you develop an overall plan for your non-profit organization's fund-raising.
The independent insurance professional can help your donors and your organization learn about the many strategies available for charitable giving.
For example, life insurance can be a very cost-effective way to make a lasting gift to a beloved charity. The donor can make a far larger gift than would be possible through other ways of giving.
The donor receives tax deductions for any payments and the organization receives the proceeds of the insurance at the donor's death. If the policy also contains cash values, the charity may be able to use these funds for its current needs.
Existing life insurance policies may also be used. They can be contributed as gifts to the charity. Once the charity owns and is the beneficiary of a life insurance contract, the donor may then deduct all future premiums.
Through life insurance, you can build a secure financial future for your charity.
Your independent insurance professional can work with your organization and with your donors to help promote and sustain your fund-raising objectives.

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