Your Insurance Matters: Next-day health plans are here

Your Insurance Matters
Next-day health plans are here
By Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU
Contributing Writer

Next-day health plans are here! These are super-convenient, temporary medical plans.
Most often, you can buy this coverage to last from one month to six months.
It's perfect for people who are early retirees, between jobs, who are coming off their parents' plans, or who are waiting for employer benefits or Medicare to begin.
Accidents and illnesses can happen anytime. Often they happen at the worst possible moment. You can protect yourself and your family from devastating medical bills with one of these inexpensive, temporary health plans.
Just a few days or weeks away from the start of your medical benefits? Do you think that it's silly to get a temporary plan for just a matter of days? Think again.
Here are a few stories my policyholders have told me. A woman whose husband was about to join his brother's business bought a temporary health plan. Her 10-year-old son was seen at urgent care for a stomach virus. A few days later, he had emergency surgery for appendicitis. What do you think that bill would have looked like without a health plan in force?
A woman just a few weeks away from getting her medical coverage at work got hit with food poisoning. The emergency room bill was $3,000.
A man in his 20's with a new business bought a temporary health plan. His firm didn't offer health coverage. Less than a month later, he was admitted to the hospital for emergency colon surgery.
These plans have been helping people for years. They are flexible and competitively priced. They offer an economical, fast, and simple solution. Best of all, you can choose your health providers.
Usually there are just five or six health questions when you apply.
The application time is less than fifteen minutes online or with a paper application.
These short-term health plans can be much less expensive than COBRA and other types of health coverage.
You can request coverage to begin as early as the next day.
To speed up the process even more, insurers can e-mail your ID cards. Even your policy packet can be e-mailed to you. If you prefer, you may receive these materials by regular U. S. mail.
Payment methods are flexible with monthly bank or credit card drafts. You can cancel the plan when you no longer need it.
To identify the very best insurance solution, it's best to consult your independent insurance professional. Your agent will match your budget and your health insurance needs with the right insurance products for you.
Your independent insurance professional will also explain that there are disadvantages of short-term health products. Coverage is not designed to be permanent. Certain medical conditions and services may not be covered. This will depend on state and insurance company guidelines.
While not a "perfect" solution for every need, these temporary plans can offer a more secure bridge to permanent coverage. They help shield policyholders from potentially catastrophic medical bills.
Here is a great insurance solution for today's economy!

Since 1982, Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU, of Hagerstown, MD, has been serving individuals, corporations, and non-profits with retirement and insurance services. Contact her at 301 791 9427 or 800 628 3449. Her e-mail is The website is