Naturally/Local Woman Lives the Herbalife

by Nathan Oravec

Lose 20 lbs. Fast! Call to Find Out How.

You’ve seen the signs - tacked to telephone poles, taped inside storefront windows, posted on bulletin boards.

Admit it. You’ve always been curious.

According to Boonsboro’s Bev Preston, curiosity led to better health - and a new livelihood.

Now in her 19th year operating a daycare business, she stands on the verge of transition - to health and beauty care.

Bev says she became involved with health, nutrition and weight loss company, Herbalife by coincidence. Needing to lose weight gained following a surgical procedure, her sister Anna - a Herbalife client - introduced her to the company via a three-day sample pack of all-natural products - a grab bag of weight loss and nutrition shakes, vitamins and teas.

Prior to Herbalife, Bev says that in addition to her weight problems she was burdened by asthma and a variety of allergies, the results of which were so intense, she seriously considered giving up her daycare.

Working with Herbalife, in a month’s time, Bev says she lost twenty pounds, going from a size 16 to a size 8. “People started to notice me,” she says. And what’s more - since that time - she says she has been off both her inhaler and all medications, having only visited the doctor’s office once.

“I take nothing now - it’s helped with my allergies and my asthma... Now, finally, I can walk up and down the steps and can breathe.”

Today, Bev plans to get out of the daycare business, not due to health issues, but to pursue a new career -sharing Herbalife and its products with others. For the last two years, she has operated a part-time home-based Herbalife outlet while simultaneously running her daycare service, and is currently attempting to make the transition to full-time. Her daughter, Rachel, will take over in her stead, and after licensing is squared away - Bev says she’s ready to roll. “Working with Herbalife, I can still be here [to help with] the daycare,” she says.

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, whose mother died of a diet-drug overdose at the age of 36, the purpose of Herbalife was to develop a safe, nutritious means of healthy living via herbal remedies and formulas gathered from throughout the globe.

According to their catalog, the California-based Herbalife has pooled a number of experts to develop their numerous products designed to help with health needs such as weight management, energy boosting, blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, allergies, asthma, ulcers, heartburn, circulation, stress, sleep disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, menopause, ADD and ADHD. All products, Herbalife promises, are 100% safe and chemical and drug free, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, should a customer not be satisfied.

From vitamins, supplements, shakes and snacks to a complete line of skin and hair care, cosmetics and topical personal care products, the catalog of Herbalife’s all-natural healthy and beauty aids is vast.

“Herbalife keeps getting bigger and bigger,” says Bev. Because of its rapid growth, Herbalife is always searching for individuals to become part of the company. According to Bev, by becoming a Herbalife representative - for a fee of approximately $80 - one can become her own boss, set her own hours, and work at her own pace, while earning a supplemental income. Through Herbalife’s satellite service, reps can also be trained in their own homes. Bev urges anyone interested to call her for more information.

Bev seems eager to make Herbalife a full-time thing. “Business-wise - I’m making money,” she says, and hopes to make even more when she can devote even more time to the company. “Health-wise - I’m feeling great!”

“It’s getting results - and that makes me feel really good. It’s one of the main reasons that I do this.”

For more information on Herbalife, call Bev Preston, 1-888-249-5868, 1-866-223-4550 or 301-675-7680 (cell). Fax 301-432-4671. E-mail Visit or

The Picket News neither endorses nor supports Herbalife and cannot attest to the successes of its products described.