World Treasures - a common place - a fresh start

World Treasures - a common place - a fresh start
By Jennifer LB Leese
Staff Writer

World Treasures Thrift Shop is strictly a donation-oriented business run by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). A portion of every purchase raises money for the work of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), who works alongside local churches and communities to carry out disaster relief, sustainable community development and justice and peace-building work in the name of Christ. MCC also seeks to build bridges to connect people and ideas across cultural, political and economic divides.
Linda Horst, who has been volunteering at World Treasures for 20 years, is now the manager of the store. The thrift shop has been around since 1978 in its original location and recently underwent a remodel to keep an up-to-date appearance.
People from around the tri-state area come to drop off items at this thrift shop. "Roughly 3 years ago," says, Linda, "we started seeing a pick-up in business. The quality of clothing that people are donating has gone up as well. The store and items for sale are clean and in working order. Inventory is rotated weekly. Pay attention to the colors on the tags when shopping - there are 5 colors - yellow being clearance where all items are only .50, children's .25.
Items needed are household items like small appliances, toasters, coffee makers, utensils, and good cooking ware, dishes, etc., iron, mixers, towels and men's large clothing - XXL or XXXL for example. "I'd like to see more furniture if we had a bigger place," said Linda. Because of the size of the downtown location, desks and couches are rarely taken, nor can they take car seats or cribs because of state regulations.
Just about every item can be found at the thrift shop including trinkets, decorating items, gift bags, clothing, shoes, books, toys, belts, handbags, etc.
World Treasures is open Monday through Saturday 10-4. Anyone can donate. "Anything we can't sell goes to rescue missions, because they have a recyclable program."
Linda feels that the friendliness of their volunteers is what makes their store unique and low prices.
Donate your usable clothing and household for treasures...get involved and volunteer your time. Your surplus helps the planet, because fewer items will reach a landfill. It will also provide a steady stream of inventory for the company to sell, thus helping people in your community purchase needed items at reasonable prices.
About Mennonite Central Committee
Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) was formed when representatives of various Mennonite conferences met July 27-28, 1920, in Elkhart, Ind., and pledged to aid hungry people, including Mennonites, in Russia and Ukraine.
The goal of the first three MCC workers, Orie O. Miller, Clayton Kratz and Arthur Slagel, was to deliver aid in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Kratz disappeared and was believed killed. Miller and Slagel returned. Since then, more than 13,000 people have served one-, two-, three- and five-year assignments with MCC. Thousands of others have volunteered in thrift shops, at relief sales and in other ways.
Through the years, MCC has worked to follow the call of Matthew 25:35-36 to reach out to those who are hungry, thirsty, ill or in prison and to welcome strangers. Many Mennonites have experienced war, hunger and refugee flight and long to respond to people facing crises today. "This donation is given in thanks for help we received many years ago," writes one woman. "When I was a child in Russia, I was fed by MCC. When my husband was a prisoner of war after World War II, he received help from MCC. We never forgot."
MCC relies on the support of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches to provide committed, energetic workers, financial support and prayer for this worldwide ministry.
World Treasures is located at 22 W. Franklin Street, Hagerstown. Call them at 301-797-8624 or visit for more information.