County Comment: County retirees, employees honored for service

PHOTO: Teddy Householder (R), Washington County's first 40-year retiree, receives congratulations, gift from Commissioners Bill McKinley (L) and Terry Baker (C)

County Comment
County retirees, employees honored for service
By Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

One hundred eighteen County employees were honored for service to the citizens of Washington County at the annual Employee Service/Retirement Awards Breakfast held on Tuesday, May 3rd at Hager Hall in Hagerstown including the first-ever 40-year employee. Thirteen retirees were honored, including Teddy Householder of the Highways Department who served the County for 40 years. Other retirees included Victor Robinson. Parks and Facilities; Jane Bloyer, Treasurer's Office; Paul Golden, Public Works-Capital Projects; Donna Fuss, Larry Jessop and Harvey Hoch, Solid Waste Department; Julie Cade and Tom Evans, County Administrator's Office; Bill Graham, State's Attorney's Office; Ron Baer, Water Quality Department; Curtis Grove, Sheriff's Detention; Robert Mills and Richard Needy, Highways Department. Honored fort length of service included: 40 Years, Teddy Householder, Highways; 35 Years Joyce Hilgeman, Sheriff's-Judicial. 30 Years included Joanne Morgan, Purchasing; Pete Loewenheim, Communications Maintenance; Randy Wilkinson, Sheriff's Patrol; and Bud Gudmundson, Information Technologies.
Seventeen staff members were honored for 25 Years Service including: Rob Smith, Engineering and Construction; Mark Knight, Sheriff-Patrol Lynwood Reedy, Jr, Daniel Harrison, Ronald Keadle, and Teddy Ellis, Sheriff- Detention; Steven Palmer and Richard Higgins, Solid Waste; Robert Farmer and Earle Pereschuk, Parks and Facilities; Carol Miller, Circuit Court; Lisa Kelly, Plan Review/Permitting; Monte Miller, Hagerstown Regional Airport; David Snader, Water Quality; William Routzahn, Highways;
Julie Cade, County Administrator's Office; and Jane Bloyer, Treasurer's Office.
With 20 Years Service, honorees included: Paul Boyer, Sheriff-Patrol; David Norford, Robert Waugh, Sheriff-Judicial and Bradley White, Sheriff-Detention; Jeffrey Cooper, Communications Maintenance; Kathy Grove, Jack Risinger and Ron Baer, Water Quality; Kathy Kroboth, Plan Review/Permitting; Linda Foltz, Transit; Joe Sutton, Division of Environmental Management; Darrell Whittington, Black Rock Golf Course; Joe Kroboth, Public Works; Bernard Bossler, Highways; Dawn Barnes, Budget and Finance, and Kathy Repp, Division of Emergency Services.
Fifteen Year Service honors went to: Martin Van Evans, Sheriff-Detention; Daniel Henley, Sheriff-Patrol; Annette Sprecher, Sheriff-Judicial; Kimberly Edlund, Budget and Finance; Warren Jamison;, Parks and Facilities; Kevin Mackereth and Edward Richards, Water Quality; Terry Stouffer, Airport; Mark Kuhn, Highways; Jennifer Kinzer, Planning and Zoning; Cathy Chalfant, Circuit Court; Joanne Buell and Catherine Farmer, State's Attorney's Office; Ricky Derr, Highway; Frances Knott, Emergency Services, and Ralph Garnand, Highways.
With 10 Years Service, honorees included: Ralph Weaver, and Daniel Hixon, Engineering and Construction; Jason Crawford, Ryan Shifflet and Scott Buskirk; Sheriff-Patrol; Kathleen Houser, Robert Ankerbrand and Curtis Grove, Sheriff-Detention; Ed Rakowski, Airport; Mark DeWald, Planning and Zoning; Steven Kessell, State's Attorney's; Crista Repp, Treasurer's Office; Claude Belew and Larry Godlove, Highways; John Hobbs, Engineering and Construction; Tina Rupert, Public Works; Melissa Boyer-Nearchos, Local Management Board; Alison Haley and Rebecca Orndorff; Water Quality; Mike Loudenslager, Information Technologies; Misty Wagner-Grillo, Plan Review/Permitting; Sonja Hoover Budget and Finance Gina Kauffman, Circuit Court; William King, Emergency Services and John Whitman, Recreation and Fitness.
Those with Five Years Service included: Pamela Wilhide, Treasurer's Office; Misti Brandenburg, Plan Review/Permitting; Joshua McCauley, Barry Levey and Bryan Glines, Sheriff-Patrol; Sam Younker, Joshua Hixon; Jeffrey Adelsberger, Sheriff-Detention; Dawn White, Sheriff-Judicial; Brian Nichols, Joshua Bowman, William Martin, Richard Grove, Todd Greene, David Potter, Scott Hose and Jeffrey Whitaker, Water Quality; Cheryl Grimm, and Chris McCormack, State's Attorney's Office; Sam Stouffer, Jr., George Graham, Corey Mowen, Michael Drake and Durell Baker, Highways; Becky Maginnis, Human Resources; Stephanie Lapole, Planning and Zoning; Amber Grimes, Division of Environmental Management; Tammy Frey, Lisa Johnson and Brenda Lampard, Budget and Finance; Tressa Clifford, Circuit Court; Kirk Downey, County Attorney's Office; Kimberly Taylor, Transit; Douglas McKay, Ramiro Ramos-Izquierdo and John Swauger, Engineering and Construction; and Rebekah Shank, Plan Review/Permitting.