It's always Earth Day at E

It's always Earth Day at E - The Environmental Magazine,
Where getting your green fix has never been easier

Before most green-focused publications and websites existed, and long before Al Gore woke the public up to the consequences of climate change with An Inconvenient Truth, E - The Environmental Magazine, which turned 21 earlier this year, was providing issues chock-full of need-to-know environmental information: chemical pollution and toxins and their impact on health; the rise of renewable energy and electric cars; endangered wildlife crises; ocean pollution, overfishing and declining fish populations; the environmental consequences of biotechnology; and much more.
And in each issue, E's Green Living section has given readers concrete ways they can cut their energy consumption, reduce their chemical exposures, and improve their overall health and carbon footprints -- with regular columns on healthy eating, green investing, green building and design, shopping smart, eco-style and responsible travel.
Now, the revamped and redesigned, E's online home, is able to connect readers with important environmental news, information and insights in a more accessible and interactive way.
E, which is nonprofit and independent of any one membership group, has been online for more than a decade. But its new website -- launched in January 2011 -- marks a turning point. More than just a reflection of its bimonthly print magazine, posts on now reflect up-to-the-minute, on-the-ground happenings of environmental campaigns, environmental legislation in the works, the latest renewable technologies, serious weather events and expert insights from green leaders.
And E's bloggers -- all experienced environmental journalists -- provide weekly commentaries that explore such topics as: where to find the best green products; the environmental legal campaigns to watch; how to avoid toxins in the home; just-launched renewable energy innovations; the adventures of eating locally; and more.
E's videos highlight important eco-documentaries, news and events, and its "Green App Picks" point online readers to the best smart phone apps for such things as finding hiking trails, teaching kids about nature and uncovering toxic ingredients. And E's EarthTalk feature, a long-running, nationally syndicated environmental question-and-answer column, and a perennial reader favorite, addresses issues as diverse as the harmful yet undisclosed ingredients in cleaning products, how conserving land helps prevent global warming, the safety of children's press-on tattoos, and federal tax credits for the purchase of electric cars.
Look for the upcoming May/June 2011 issue, which features: a look at the environmental impact of pets and how we can cut their "carbon paw prints"; a one-year look back at the BP oil spill and what's in store for deep water drilling; natural allergy relief strategies; the best green shopping apps; and more. And E's new web presence means readers can more easily engage with stories, access references and share their thoughts. "We like to think of our new website as a meeting place, welcoming anyone looking for -- or looking to share -- environmental information," says E Editor Brita Belli.
E - The Environmental Magazine is a bi-monthly "clearinghouse" of environmental information, news, ideas and resources that is edited for the general reader but also presented in sufficient depth to engage the dedicated environmentalist. E is published six times per year and is available by mail subscription or at bookstores. E also publishes EarthTalk, a nationally syndicated environmental Q&A column distributed free to 1,850 newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the U.S. and Canada ( Single copies of E's May/June 2011 issue are available for $5 postpaid from: E Magazine, P.O. Box 469111, Escondido, CA 92046. Subscriptions are $24.95 per year, available at the same address or at