Music Reflections: Kwanza Jones

by Digman

Kwanza Jones
Innovation Entertainment Group

Dressed in voice accentuated vocal cashmere comfort, passion designer Kwanza Jones sings to the listener (models) a thirteen-track high performance wrap-around voice fabric that has been manufactured and distributed with ‘audiogenic’ voice-wear listener demand considerations... It is NAKED, but is well dressed!

Produced by Jones and embroidered by musicians Masa Kohama, Paul Rogers, Josh Sklair, Steve Wilkins, PJ Labinski, Tad Yoshida and Mike Dupke, NAKED is voice sewn word stitchery that guarantees to the listener a full-figured lyrical form.

Embedded with attention frequency thought(soul) quality and just enough musical exposure (skin), Jones delivers a natural performance of provocative velour vocal glamour.

Wearing “Time Has A Way” (the first track) Jones displays the cynosure (signature) of this CD, and continues with such stand-out tracks (her singing-wear) as “ Mystery Of Tears” and “Darkness To Light.”

Critically voiced with rock-soul innovation... Jones ‘bares- all’ with her label: ‘Handle with Passion’ - NAKED - ‘Listen with care’