Restructuring of operations

City of Hagerstown Advisory
Restructuring of operations

Hagerstown, MD (March 16, 2011): The City of Hagerstown recently announced the following changes as part of the restructuring of operations which began in June 2010.
Karen Giffin, the current Director of Public Relations and Marketing, will focus her attention and expertise on managing and enhancing special events and ceremonies, creating and managing a new Volunteer Program, working with Arts and Entertainment program development and events and developing comprehensive fund raising campaigns. "Karen is a key person in the success of our annual events and a natural fit for leading these community based programs in Hagerstown," said City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman. Karen Giffin added "As always, it is an honor to work with citizens, business owners and volunteers on wonderful Hagerstown events, and it is exciting to undertake new challenges such as creating a Volunteer Program, designing fundraising campaigns and working with the arts, education and entertainment district programs and events."
The City will advertise and fill a position of Communications Manager. This newly created position will lead the development and expansion of public relations initiatives, image campaigns and media relations. Additionally, this position will manage the City's cable television channel, the City's website and utilize other technologies to enhance Hagerstown. For more information on the new position, visit the city web site at
Until this position is filled and a transition period completed, Ms. Giffin will continue to serve both roles. Once complete, Ms. Giffin's new title will be Community Affairs Manager. Both positions are part of the Community and Economic Development Department.