Gourmet cinnamon rolls to die for - "Baked with you in mind"

Gourmet cinnamon rolls to die for
"Baked with you in mind"

Hadley Farms, which started out as a pretzel company thirty years ago, produces a full-service line of bakery products for the food service, fundraising, and retail markets. They are located in the small western Maryland village of Smithsburg. The DeHaan family of Smithsburg have owned and operated the bakery since 1980.
The company started with croissants before moving on to gourmet cinnamon rolls, Danish, and sweet rolls.
If it weren't for a combination of determination, hard work, and the ability to change to meet the demands of the market, Hadley Farms just wouldn't make it.
These delicious (and enormous) cinnamon rolls come in their own microwavable containers and are packaged individually. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle. They can stay frozen for about seven months and can sit out on the counter for roughly a week.
Hadley Farms Bakery is located right before the railroad tracks at 47 South Main Street in Smithsburg, Maryland. Find out more by visiting www.hadleyfarms.com.