Hagerstown Light Department offers free thermostats

City of Hagerstown Advisory
Hagerstown Light Department offers free thermostats

Hagerstown, MD (March 4, 2011): The City of Hagerstown Light Department customers are now able to apply for a free programmable thermostat. The Hagerstown Light Department received a $35,000 EmPOWER Clean Energy Communities Grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, which will enable them to purchase programmable thermostats in approximately 100 owner-occupied homes.
To qualify, individuals must be a Hagerstown Light Department customer in good standing; own their home; have a total household income of less than $72,850; have an existing, working, non-programmable whole house thermostat; and have gas, oil or electric heat and a central electric cooling system.
"The new thermostats are programmable, digital and energy efficient," stated City of Hagerstown Utility Director Mike Spiker. "This allows customers the ability to control their heating/cooling costs by programming the time of operation. For example, you can change the settings if the home is empty during the day or during late hours when many residents are asleep."
Individuals who qualify can call 301-790-2600 and ask about the Free Programmable Thermostat Installation. "We will ask individuals a few questions to determine their qualifications, and if all qualifications are met, the person will be entered into the selection process and will be contacted for installation if selected," stated Hagerstown's Light Department Engineer Jason Bachtell.
Installations will be completed by a certified and licensed electrical/HVAC contractor. Applicants will be required to sign a contract for installation.
Hagerstown Light Department will select applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis until the grant funds are exhausted or by May 1, 2011.