Plastic bottles becoming fashionable legwear

Plastic bottles becoming
Fashionable legwear

(NAPS)-Living a lifestyle that uses less resources has become easier than ever thanks to consumer interest in recycled products. People everywhere are learning that even the smallest steps can make a difference. This demand has caused some companies to pursue recycling technologies that turn yesterday's waste into apparel products.
One innovative transformation comes from discarded, postconsumer waste-plastic bottles. These bottles can be turned into fabric that is used to create a variety of clothing and accessory options, including socks. Through six simple steps and a little creativity, yesterday's waste becomes today's high-performance legwear.
With this technology, used, postconsumer plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and ground into flakes, which are then turned into chips. The chips are then made into COOLMAX(r) EcoMade fiber with 97 percent recycled material, which is engineered with special microchannel cross sections to help move moisture away from the body. This fiber is spun into yarn, which is then used by sock manufacturers, here in North America and elsewhere, to make high-performance socks.
Brands and retailers create socks with an enhanced functionality that are designed for a variety of high-performance activities such as running and cycling. The socks dry quickly, help keep the wearer cool and comfortable, and maintain a natural feel that's soft, lightweight and breathable.
Consumers do not have to sacrifice style or performance standards in order to wear apparel manufactured from recycled resources. There are now dozens of sock styles available nationwide in a variety of colors and designs for men, women and children. DeFeet, Injinji, Dansko, Fox River, Timberland and Sports Tuff are injecting fashion, comfort and moisture management into socks, creating styles that range from neutral patterns to colorful and whimsical designs such as stripes, animal prints, funky patterns and florals. This range of styles, also available in a variety of lengths including ankle, crew and mid-calf, are perfect for adding some personality to a workout wardrobe.
Best of all, consumers who wear socks that are made from COOLMAX(r) EcoMade fiber benefit from knowing they are helping to use less resources, starting with their own foot. To learn more, visit