Fish News: Busting Loose

Fish News
Busting Loose
by Dr. Ken Neill, III

Things are really starting to bust loose now. Big gray trout are being caught at the 3rd and 4th islands of the CBBT. Plenty of striped bass can also be found at the CBBT and also at the HRBT. Speckled trout can be found at the normal speckled trout places. The Mobjack bay area has been good. Poquoson Flats could be a good place to try this weekend. You can fish for specks as you watch the air show. Flounder action is good throughout the lower bay. The buoy 36A area has been very good with limits of flatfish to over 7 pounds being caught. Limits of tautog are being caught at the CBBT. Black drums have staged near buoy 13 and buoy 16 and along the seaside of the Eastern Shore. Big red drums have also arrived. The best area has been the seaside of the Eastern Shore but more of these bruisers will be caught on 9 Foot Shoal as some anglers get out there and try for them. Croakers are everywhere and they have been quite a nuisance to anglers soaking clams for drum. The tuna bite out of the Outer Banks has been fantastic when the wind has allowed boats to get out. It will not be long before the first spadefish arrive and cobia will be here before you know it. Big bluefish should be out in the ocean now at places like the Hot Dog and Bluefish Alley but I have not heard of anyone fishing for them. Our speaker at our May 17 meeting will be Capt. Reese. He will be talking about fishing with kites in the ocean and in the bay. We have one tournament in May. It is our club "Triple Threat" tournament. Targeted species will be spadefish, gray trout, and flounder. The dates are May 21 through 29.
May 8, we did some drum and tautog fishing. We started out trolling spoons on the Eastern Shore seaside. We got tired of that and hit some wrecks for tautog. We caught 14 but none were big. We did catch some nice sea bass up to 4 pounds. We then went and anchored up near buoy 13 and fed clams to the croakers. We had one drum on but the hooked pulled after a 5-minute fight. We watched a number of black drums being caught around us but we only had the one chance.

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