Uncivility is wrecking our society! Do you have the true spirit of Christmas

Uncivility is wrecking our society!
Do you have the true spirit of Christmas
By Jennifer LB Leese

When you hear the word civility, what do you think of? Do you think that it only pertains to people who are in politics or those in leadership positions? Or do you think about it when someone says 'thank you' when you hold the door open for them or when someone says 'how are you,' as they pass you by?
Merriam Webster Dictionary describes civility as 'civilized conduct' or 'a polite act or expression'.
Is this really so hard? How can being kind, respectful, and decent be a thing you have to think about? Why doesn't it come naturally?
During the Christmas season, gleeful shoppers seem just a little nicer - letting me pull out ahead of them while sitting at a traffic light or step ahead in the grocery line if I have fewer items.
In fact, some people even strike up a conversation with me while standing in line at the store. Most people just don't think of other people - it's turning into a world of self-absorption. But it's not too late - yet!
We have to teach our children and most likely re-teach ourselves to make eye contact and show interest when someone is speaking to you, not to text or talk on the phone when having a conversation with someone, etc. Honestly, most of this is just common sense. If you're sitting at a school band concert or play or watching a movie - why would you talk or text or talk on the phone?
Have you ever walked into a store and the person behind the counter is chatting on a personal phone call? You'd think they'd say 'hold on' or 'I have to go' - think again. Many times I've had this person wait on me. In some cases I've walked out.
One of the most popular incivility cases is when Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV awards by grabbing the mic from her hand to make a comment about Beyonce.
It's disheartening to see that kind acts for our fellow neighbor are quickly disappearing. Isn't a main constituent of Christmas the act of giving? Maybe that's why we feel encouraged to throw a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket or take a bag or two to the Goodwill?
Vow to bring civility to the forefront. Civility is nothing more or nothing less than being polite and courteous. This year, give the gift of civility.
One individual can make a difference. Help someone in the neighborhood. Go ahead and let that person pull out in front of you. Say 'hi' just because. You'll feel great and chances are that person will pay it forward.
Civility represents our quality of life and reflects who we are as a human being. Yes it takes discipline, control, and even restrain, but it's definitely worth implementing. I believe a well-lived life is practicing civility and teaching it to our children - before it's gone forever.
Remember - if you aren't being civil - you can't expect it in return! So start being civil today!