So Long Tube Socks and Ties: Give Dad More of What He Really Wants

So Long Tube Socks and Ties
Give Dad More of What He Really Wants

(ARA)-Fretting over Father's Day? Desperately seeking gift options that don't go in the underwear drawer or aren't as pungent as Old Spice? Well here's an intriguing and affordable alternative that may just give the dad in your household a lot more of what he really wants--time...away from the office and at home having fun with his family.
A lot of professionals spend countless hours entering new contacts and leads into critical business databases. It's a boring, mindless but important chore that unfortunately keeps Dad at the office, late for dinner or away from that big game. CardScan, the industry leader in business card scanning technology, has put together a special Father's Day offer that can help your dad reduce this tedious task from hours down to minutes.
CardScan's palm-sized hardware and intelligent software lets Dad scan business cards directly into his PC. The software accurately sorts the information and creates an electronic database.
An optional backup service saves a copy both on his PC and to a secure private web server. He can access this with a browser via password from anywhere in the world to view all records and card images. Most important--it's a secure and automatic backup of his valuable business contact data.
So here's the limited-time special deal that runs until Father's Day. CardScan Personal (touted as the smallest scanner ever) offers grayscale scanning, USB power, software that syncs with Outlook and his Palm Pilot, a one-year warranty, free tech support and a 90-day trial of some great optional services--all for about $125. That's a $25 saving.
If Dad won't settle for anything but top of the line, CardScan Executive does all of the above, in color, faster, with multiple software user license options for his team, a secure backup service included and broader compatibility with other address book softwares --all for about $250.
You can buy a CardScan online or find a retailer near you at -- and let Dad buy his own tube socks and ties this Father's Day.

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