Board of County Commissioners' Actions: Outgoing Commissioners Honored

PHOTO CAP: Tina Rupert, Division of Public Works, is honored for coordination of recent I-81 Coalition conference

Board of County Commissioners' Actions
Outgoing Commissioners Honored

In its regular meeting on November 30th, County Staff and the public honored Washington County Board of County Commissioners' members Kristin Aleshire, Jim Kercheval and Bill Wivell for outstanding service to County citizens over the 2006-2010 term of office.
The invocation and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Commissioner Kercheval's sons Garrett, 9 and Jacob, 11.
In final comments as Commissioners, Aleshire, Kercheval and Wivell cited the full-time nature of Commissioners' jobs, impact on family lives, quality of work in support of the Board by County staff and the difficulty in leaving the respective positions. Wivell served for 12 years, Kercheval for 8 years and Aleshire for one four-year term. Commissioners' President John Barr and Vice President Terry Baker were reelected in the November general election.
State Delegate Andrew Serafini and School Board member Justin Hastings were among a number of citizens thanking the Board for its service. County Division and Department Directors also thanked the Board for its support over the years, during a reception following the final meeting of the current term.
Incoming Commissioners Ruth Anne Callaham, Jeff Cline and Bill McKinley will be sworn into office on December 7th at 10am in Courtroom #1 of the Washington County Courthouse, and the 2010-2014 term will officially begin.
In other actions, the Board agreed to dog licensing fees of $5, $9 and $13 for 1, 2 or 3-year licenses, with a lifetime option set at $25. Dogs would have to have the required immunizations for rabies, a process that usually spans three to four years, to qualify for the lifetime tag.
In addition, there would be extra fees for dogs classed as "Potentially Vicious and Dangerous", or "Vicious and Dangerous" as the result of attacks causing injury to people or other animals. Those fees would be $75 and $150, respectively, in addition to the regular license fees.
Licenses will continue to be available at local hardware stores, which may charge up to a $3 convenience fee to cover bookkeeping and other charges. Citizens may purchase licenses at the Humane Society office oat 13011 Maugansville Road at the regular price.
Under the Ordinance adopted on November 30th, additional fees for unaltered dogs would be abolished, and fees for a Kennel or Pet Shop License would remain at $100. Civil penalties associated with dog attacks would remain at $25 for a first offense, $100 for the second offense, and $250 for a third offense.
Division of Public Works Document Coordinator Tina Rupert was presented a Commissioners' Certificate of Merit by Commissioner Jim Kercheval for her successful efforts in coordinating the 2010 conference of the I-81 coalition, held recently in Hagerstown. The Coalition is made up of representatives of state and local governments along the Interstate route from New York to Tennessee who plan for growth and development in the corridor.
The Board deferred moving forward on action regarding the Brumbaugh-Kendle-Grove Farmstead, located on Hagerstown Regional Airport property.
The Federal Aviation Administration approved a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the airport and the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) calling for an action plan on options for adaptive reuse or relocation of the farmhouse, barn and outbuildings.
The latest version of that document was to have been circulated to local historic groups by MHT. Representatives of the Washington County Historic District Commission, the County Historical Trust and the Historical Society stated that the final document had not been distributed.
Commissioners agreed that local groups should have input into the final MOA before signing-off on that document.
The Board formally rejected all proposals received for Maryland's Statewide Special Transportation Assistance Program (SSTAP) for Washington County Transit as being Non-Responsive based on either not meeting the requirements of County Policy for Independent Contractors or not including the required documentation in proposal submittals, and to proceed with establishing a list of registered providers for use by pre-approved clients at their discretion.
After opening and evaluating the Price Proposal of the only responsive Q&E/Technical Proposal submittal, it was evident that the prices would be too high for citizens to afford. The Coordinating Committee found that the County's insurance requirements were also causing a major increase to any subsequently contracted rates. After meeting with Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) representatives, the representatives suggested that the County establish an approved list of vendors for use at the discretion of the pre-approved clients to the program, opening up the clients' choice to more than one provider.
SSTAP provides transportation needs to Senior Citizens and individuals with disabilities through a Voucher Program for trips by taxi, sedan or van service.
The Board accepted revised comments from the Maryland Department of the Environment regarding the County Stormwater Management, Grading, Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance. On August 26th, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Ordinance, contingent upon approval and revisions from the Maryland Department of the Environment.
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