Your Insurance Matters: When you want health insurance right away

Your Insurance Matters
When you want health insurance right away
by Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU, Hagerstown, MD

When you want health insurance right away, here is a solution! Short-term or temporary health plans can be simple, fast, and cost-effective. Who uses them? To name just a few: temporary employees, part-time workers, early retirees, people in-between jobs, individuals coming off their parents' plans, and people waiting for employer or Medicare benefits to start.
Illness and accidents can happen anytime. Of course, we all know that they tend to hit at the worst possible moment. Don't get caught uninsured! Even a fender-bender can result in huge medical bills. Ever stop to think what an appendicitis or food poisoning would cost if you're not covered? These can really pile up the medical bills.
Need a health plan for just a month or two? Longer? Want to pay as you go? Cancel when you no longer need the insurance?
Your insurance agent may have one or more programs on his or her website. Major insurance carriers offer online applications at your agent's site that is quick, secure, and efficient.
Applying is quick and easy. Coverage can be requested as early as the next day. To really speed things up, some insurers can even email the paperwork with your new insurance cards.
That means that as soon as the following day you've got coverage!
Pricing is super-competitive and you can choose plan features to match your budget.
Policyholders are eligible for generous coverage options and can select their own health providers. For additional savings, large, nationwide health networks are available. Hospital, outpatient, and prescription benefits can be included along with vision and dental discount programs.
Payment flexibility is also an advantage. You can pay up-front or as you go along. Credit card or bank card deductions are popular methods.
Coverage may be available with some companies for very young children. Adults can apply until they're eligible for Medicare.
To identify your best insurance solution, it's always best to consult an independent insurance professional. The agent will match your health needs and your budget with the best products.
Your insurance agent will also explain any disadvantages that you should know about.
For instance, this coverage is definitely not permanent and certain medical conditions and services may not be covered. Guidelines may vary depending upon state regulations and the insurance company.
No "absolutely perfect" health plan yet exists (other than plans available to Congress and some other government employees?). Temporary plans, while not "perfect" for every need, can offer a more secure bridge to permanent coverage. They will help shield policyholders from catastrophic medical bills.

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