We’ve Got To Be Positive

by Vikki Nelson

Now that is a phrase you hear frequently. The opposite obviously is to be negative. The half full or half empty approach.

Let me start with a Monday morning when I get phone calls at the office. Usually someone asks, “How are you?” I immediately reply, “I’m terrific.” Well, I will tell you that usually puts them in a surprised but happier frame of mind. Too often we express our “down in the dumps - the weekend is over” attitude. We shouldn’t do that. It not only reflects upon us personally, it reflects on our business, whatever it happens to be.

Your voice tells people how you are feeling, and believe me - nobody wants to hear about your - or my - troubles. They would rather hear that you got the pool fixed over the weekend and the kids had a great time jumping into it again, providing you know the person that is calling well enough. But it doesn’t hurt to indicate in your “business” voice that you are enjoying what you are doing.

I often tell people that my husband and I get up in the morning liking what we are going to do today, what our work is about and we make it pleasurable just because we have the right attitude.

If you have a problem - let’s say in the grocery store - people will react to you in a better way if you present it in a better “frame” of telling them. Example given, you just picked up your pictures and started to look at them. You know, those pictures that are a once in a lifetime vacation experience - and you come to find out you used the wrong film twice... double exposure. (See, I can talk about this with some authority because - guess what - I did it). You are more than disappointed, and some people might think you are mad at them when you start to complain about the bad pictures. Of course, you pay for them. Remember it is not the clerk’s fault. Then you take them home and complain about them to your family. Spoils the evening too.

But let’s sit back and take another look at this. The pictures are ruined but what’s to be done? Well, don’t complain and make two big mistakes by taking it out on family members or anybody else. Laugh, go get pictures of the places that you went to from a tourist magazine, a travel agent, or off the web. Put them in an album and call it the most unforgettable vacation that you ever had. Just do it.

You’ll feel better for it and it certainly will be a conversation piece in the future when you tell the story over and over.