Fish News: Bang a Drum

Fish News
Bang a Drum
by Dr. Ken Neill, III

Time to bang a drum. Both red and black drum has shown. It is not real hot and heavy yet, but it will get so in a hurry. Tautog have very cooperative at the CBBT. Some speckled trout are being caught in Rudee and Lynnhaven Inlets and in the Mobjack Bay area. Flounder are being caught all over but the 36A area has been the most productive. Big croaker is being caught in the rivers. There are some gray trout around but it has not been real productive yet. There are plenty of little bluefish around. Sea bass are starting to move onto the inshore wrecks, but not in great numbers yet. You will catch more tautog than sea bass, but the sea bass you do catch are nice sized fish. The tuna bite has been great out of Hatteras. There is some good looking water sitting on the Triple 0s but I have not heard of any Virginia Beach running to give it a try yet. Our speaker at our May 17 meeting was Captain Reese. He talked about fishing with kites in the ocean and in the bay. We have one tournament in May. It is our club "Triple Threat" tournament. Targeted species will be spadefish, gray trout, and flounder. The dates are May 21 through 29.
May 2, Craige Stallings and Jimmy Phillips fished out of Hatteras and had a great day catching tuna. They caught 16 yellowfin and 3 gaffer dolphin. The best bite was around the 400 line.
May 2, I ran out by myself to try for togs. I went up to a wreck that I think is called the Doxie Girl. It was covered with tog but I did not catch anything over 16 inches in the few hours that I fished. There were plenty of 14 to 16 inch ones though.
May 1, I went out in the wind and rain with Bob Manus, Stephen Powell, and Dr. Julie Ball. We went to a wreck near False Cape hoping to hide from the wind. Charles Southall had found the wreck while striper fishing this past winter. I think it might be called the Marble Wreck. Nice structure, I don't know if there were any fish on it or not. We could not stay on it due to the wind. We then ran north thinking that we might be able to hide around the islands of the CBBT. We went to the 4th. The rain stopped and the wind died down later in the day. We anchored on the tube and caught 11 tog from 14 to 18 inches in a couple of hours of fishing. I did not keep count of who caught what, but Julie did. She caught 6. The rest of us managed 5. We left there and ran to buoy 13 and tried for black drum for a couple of hours and messed with trash fish. No drum this time.
April 29, Steve Martin fished on the Miss Hatteras. They did real well on trigger fish. They also did some surf casting while they were down there. They caught a bunch of sea mullet.
April 28, Dave Boyce went tog fishing at the 3rd island tube. They caught 34 fish keeping a limit of 21. They had three weigh over 8 pounds but none broke the 9-pound mark.
April 27, Don Forman, Danny Taylor, Don Lancaster, and Sam Cook went tog fishing. They had good action at the 3rd and 4th islands of the CBBT. They caught a total of 36 fish. A lot in the 3 to 4 pound range.
April 24, I ignored the 25 kt winds and small advisories and went fishing. The only crewmember that I could find that was brave (stupid) enough to go with me was Dr. Julie Ball. We tried to find a wreck a bit out of the wind. We caught 4 tautog all 16-17 inches. The rain came, the wind shifted and we were blown off of the wreck. I had enough so we headed back in.
April 20, Steve Martin and his wife, Cindy fished over at 36A. They caught flounder up to 22 inches.
April 20, Don Forman fished on the Empty Pockets with Danny Taylor, Lee Martin, and Skip Head. They fished for tautog around the 3rd and 4th islands of the CBBT. Using fiddlers, they caught fish up to 5 pounds.
April 19, John Hunt, Jr. fished out of Hatteras. They had a good day with the tuna. They boated 11 yellowfin and a dolphin.

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