Reflections! At the click of the mouse!

At the click of the mouse!
By William L. Bulla

Today, at the click of the mouse you can reach out to the world! Of course, I'm referring to the mouse on your computer. It's really amazing what you can find as you use your computer and only have to click that mouse button to unload a wealth of material.
Some of the material we download has great potential in helping us through life. Yet, if you are looking in the wrong place the material may be trash. Just because we have access to so many outlets, we must not let ourselves be carried away and utilize trash in our lives, rather than all the opportunities our computer world has available for us.
Our computers can be both a blessing and a curse! They can be very helpful because of the technology, but there is also a lot of trash on our Internet.
Our quality of life can improve with computers because they more accurately predict weather, health, and environmental change. Computers help doctors in tracking diseases, creating vaccines and mapping our genetics for future learning.
Our computers have cut down on the labor needed to perform the work that was formerly completed by many people. Thus businesses are able to save money through increased productivity. This has resulted in higher wages, lower prices and better benefits for the employees. Technology has helped the growing pace of our economy.
But there can be a downside. For children, computers can take away valuable time. Many children spend all of their time after coming home from school until bedtime on the computer. This time is most often spent in playing unrealistic games instead of something more practical. How important is it that the child is able to "zap'" more aliens than someone else, while passing up the English or Math home work that will be important in later life?
Also, our children must be aware of the possibilities of being exploited by e-mails, and chat rooms where sexual predators are lying in wait. Parents must be aware of these potential problems and monitor what's coming in over their children's computers.
Many of us did not have computers as a youth. Instead we spent hours outside engaged in sports and play with our friends. It was fun. It consumed a lot of physical energy making us healthier. Nowadays, it seems to be harder to find a proper balance of time spent on computers and other living experiences! Let's revaluate the situation! Let's use the computer to improve our live style rather than to destroy it.

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.