Fish News: Youngest expert as this month's club meeting speaker

Fish News
Youngest expert as this month's club meeting speaker
17-year-old Brandon Bartlett

The speaker at this month's club meeting is 17-year-old, Brandon Bartlett. I believe this will make him the youngest expert speaker we have ever had. This is nothing new for Brandon. He was Virginia's youngest Expert Angler at 6, and the youngest Master Angler at 8 years of age. Brandon established a number of junior world records. As a teenager, he works as an offshore mate. Brandon will be speaking to us about sight fishing for cobia. Meetings are free and you do not need to be a member to attend:
The Healthy Grin now has a web sight. You can visit it at:
Flounder are the most sought after fish in the bay right now. According to the NMFS, we are having a banner year. According to local flounder experts, fishing has not been great. The best catches were made during the Flounder Bowl. Since then, the bite at the CBBT has slowed up but the bite up near the Cell and buoy 42 has really picked up. Cobia fishing remains good. Sight fishing is weather dependent. Chummers continue to pick away at the fish. Buoy 18, York Spit, and the Inner Middle Grounds have been good areas. Spanish mackerel are available along the oceanfront and in the bay up to Windmill Point. York Spit to Back River Reef has been a good area lately. Spadefish are available at the Chesapeake Light Tower and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. It has been the slowest spadefish year since they have become popular. Sheepshead and triggerfish are being caught at the CBBT. Amberjack are thick at the southern towers. Some are around the Chesapeake Light Tower. Offshore, billfish and dolphin action has been very good. A few yellowfin tuna and wahoo are being caught. The inshore hills are producing dolphin, bluefin tuna, king mackerel and false albacore.
July 13, Brandon Bartlett had a charter fish the 21 Mile Hill area. They caught 4 bluefin tuna up to 80 pounds.
July 12, Martin Freed and Ruta Vaskys fished for tuna at 21 Mile Hill. They did not catch any tuna but they did catch 7 really nice dolphin. They also caught some false albacore.
July 12, I fished for flounder with Steve Martin. We caught a 20-inch fish as soon as we put the baits out and then we were chased back to port by a storm.
July 11, Wes Blow took writer Ken Perotte out after cobia. They caught two nice fish near buoy 18. Ken caught his largest cobia to date and got some good photos for an article for Virginia Wildlife. They caught another cobia off of buoy 19.
July 11, Rick Wineman fished Bluefish Rock. They caught two cobia on live bluefish.
July 10, John Hunt fished the VBBT. They fished the 21 Mile Hill area and caught a 72.2 pound bluefin tuna. It was good enough for 9th place.
July 10, Mike Hurst fished the buoy 42 area. They caught 14 keeper flounder up to 9 pounds and lost a larger fish at the net.
July 8, Brandon Bartlett fished the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament. They fished the Washington Canyon and do not catch any tuna. They had plenty of dolphin, several wahoo bites and the white marlin were a pest. Brandon caught two whites while trying to reel the baits away from them.

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