An Interview With a Maryland Chiropractor: Part 2

An Interview With A Maryland Chiropractor
Part Two
by Angelique Shofar

...continued interview from the 4-24-05 issue of the Picket News
Continued question...Dr. Meyerson, you have an amazing system that is unmatched by other chiropractic practices--a system that not only encourages regular spinal adjustments, but one that is affordable. Share with us your style and approach and how it differs from others.
The other obstacle is money. Many ask: "who could afford to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis?" In my office, I have an honor fee system, I explain how often I want to see someone and they are able to set their own fee, and anonymously place it in a box on the wall. Since chiropractic is about life and requires being seen frequently to get the most benefit, I have a fee system that makes it possible for it to be available to everyone. This is how strongly I feel about the importance of chiropractic and it being available to everyone. I really do not know how to put a price on life. I have found that some people have difficulty with the concept of setting their own fee, so I do offer a fee range suggestion sheet. This fee system is also an expression of my faith in God.
My son was about 4 years olds when I first brought him to get adjusted. Again the profession is popularly associated with adults. Can you explain how children as well as pregnant women benefit from adjustments?
I love working with kids. I wish I had been getting
my spine checked since I was your son's age. Many people are surprised at seeing babies and children in my office. First, people should know that adjusting children is very gentle and does not hurt. Why children? Have you every watched a child learn to walk or ride a bike, run head first into furniture, fall down a hill, down stairs, out of bed, play sports, carry books, play hours of video games or be born? These are traumatic events of life that are a part of most kid's normal day. It does not mean kids have back pain, it means the spine of a child can get a misalignment and interfere with their nerve system and decrease their expression of life and health. While, for example, being born can be difficult, giving birth and carrying a baby (before and after delivery) is not so easy either. I work with a lot of pregnant women and it is great to see them benefit from having their bodies work better during the stressful times of becoming a mother.
Why is it that the chiropractic profession is not more easily accessible? And do you believe the profession has not done well in educating and expanding public
knowledge of the far-reaching benefits of this simple yet powerful therapy? And why is it not normally affordable?
Because there are so many types and styles of chiropractic practice, we cannot and have not given the public a unified message. So from my perspective we have not done a good job educating the public. There are a lot of misconceptions and most people do not have a very good understanding of chiropractic. It typically is not affordable because of insurance. I believe third party pay is the worst thing that has ever happened to my profession. I could say a lot more, but I will leave it at that and just say I do not participate with any type of third party pay in my office. I just make it actually affordable for anyone who really wants the care.
How often can a person get adjusted? And what are some of the ailments that chiropractic care can treat?
"How often can someone get adjusted?" is an important question. The distinction that needs to be made is getting checked and getting adjusted. If there is nothing wrong (no misalignment and no nerve interference) when we check you, then there is nothing to do. If we do find something wrong (misalignment and nerve interference) then it is good to get adjusted. Some people could be adjusted everyday, while some people may go days or weeks and not need to be adjusted. One of the challenges for me is in communicating chiropractic in a way that is bigger than ailments and symptoms. Many people come to the office hoping chiropractic will help fix their particular problem.
After explaining how the body works, what chiropractic is really about and how it affects the body people tend to think that it may help people with not only
the ailment they came in with but with some other ailments as well. Eventually some people come to understand it is not about ailments at all, but expressing more life and getting the most out of their bodies. The body has a tremendous ability to heal and I have seen some amazing things happen as people's bodies improved and changed. But overcoming an ailment is really only a part of what this is really about.
Do you have a success story you can share with us?
I have what may seem to be an unusual success story to many. There was a couple that started coming in together at least once a week. Eventually she became pregnant and had a son. They even came in after her
water broke on the way to the hospital. They continued getting checked and over the next couple of years I was able to check all three of them weekly. They did eventually move to another state, but have found a good chiropractor and still get checked every week. We still keep in touch. To me this is a true success story. I was able to serve them the best I could and they made and kept a commitment for themselves and received all the benefits that came with it. I (and they) know their lives would not have been the same without the opportunity to keep their bodies working their best all the time.
Dr. Jason Meyerson is a Baltimore County native and has been practicing chiropractic in the Baltimore area since 1996. He is a 1995 graduate, with honors, of Life Chiropractic College West and a 1992 graduate of Towson University. He has an office in Canton, East Baltimore and one in Ellicott City. You can contact him by phone: (410) 276-7774 or E-mail or on the web: