Tranquility's Sacred Flower Garden: Where the Garden is in YOU

Tranquility's Sacred Flower Garden
Where the Garden is in YOU
By Jennifer Leese

Upon entering Tranquility's Sacred Flower Garden, guests are instantly welcomed by stimulating fragrances, dazzling colors, and comforting Zen-like music. Immediately, your body energizes and your mind relaxes. "It's the overall feeling," said Veeda Bassette, owner of Tranquility's Sacred Garden. "People walk in, take a deep breath, and they say 'oh it smells great'."
Tranquility's Sacred Flower Garden opened in June of 2008. "It's a place where you can stop, shop and smell the roses, appreciate great prices, nature, and feel the gift of life, love, and creation."
"I've always loved flowers and art. After I was laid off from a position I had been in for three years, I realized that if I could work that hard for other people, I could probably work twice as hard for myself and do something that I enjoy doing," Veeda said. "I like seeing a smile on people's faces when they receive flowers or they find that perfect gift, or just being part of the gift giving process - even if it's something you're giving as a gift to yourself. "Many people come in here saying that they'll give that gift to someone, and I tell them that they ARE someone and that they should give themselves a gift."
Tranquility's is Veeda's gift to herself. "It's something that I really want, as opposed to following the social lines of needing to go to a nine to five job, work for somebody else and there's really no joy in it for you. This is harder - it's definitely harder, but it's much more satisfying in the sense of freedom, in that it allows me to be creative and be with other creative people."
At that moment, I knew I was in the presence of a person who was going to make the world, or at least Hagerstown, a better place. Veeda Bassette is worth meeting. She is a person who lives her life the way she wants - unconstrained by society's must-do's - and that's easily admired. Veeda's shop is a reflection of herself. She believes that art comes in many forms, whether it be a lovely melody, a beautiful piece of jewelry, sculptures, metal, or in the form of the spoken word, "art and beauty are the expressions of who we are. That's why when people see beautiful things or unique things it's a visual response of that smile having discovered something that's completely unique whether it's for you or for someone else."
"When I first thought about starting this business, there were tons of ideas of what could be offered. However, for now, the focus would be on what I enjoy doing the most, creating beautiful, expressive silk floral designs and sacred gardens, geared toward nurturing the mind, spirit, soul, body connection," said Veeda. Products in her shop are from local artists, most of which she features throughout the year.
"Because, I believe that flowers and nature are the best representations of each of us with our individual colorings, shapes, designs, patterns, and needs to be nurtured, existing in the Garden Of Life... I like to create my designs not just with flowers, but using all kinds of objects to display them, including live plants, crystals, candles, and more. Much like each of us come from different cultures, places and backgrounds; why not incorporate this and my designs as well? If you take something or someone, and combine it with something else, whether it's a the color of a flower, the scent of a soap, a cup of tea, a special place or the giving of a gift, you too can create your own beauty."
Veeda is originally from New Jersey and re-rooted to Hagerstown from Baltimore a few years ago. Hagerstown is interesting because it's an adjustable wish between to where there's certain aspects of Jersey here that I remember. There's a social, historical, cultural kind of clash here. I chose [to open a business in] Hagerstown because it looked like such a bucolic little town and I had done some reading in reference to the area and I knew there was a lot of initiative underway to build this area up so I wanted to get in on the ground floor in reference to having a good business here and being part of it as it grew.
In the shop visitors will find an array of gemstone jewelry, herbal teas, natural body care products, candles, incense, plants and more. There are also alternative products as well as workshops and classes for meditation, aromatherapy, and astrology. Veeda works with several businesses and people in the community with acupuncture, reiki, and the holistics of house and healing. "We provide a variety of products and services geared toward enhancing the appreciation of the mind, body, spirit connection using a variety of nature based products and services."
Veeda's thinking of implementing a variety of new sessions and events so keep your eye open for them in the months to come. An event that is coming up is the "Spoken Word: Then and Now" on April 10 & 11. This is an event geared toward the transition people go through when moving from winter to spring. "It's a homage to spring in reference to where we've been and where we're going," Veeda said.
"Nature offers us a variety of examples and opportunities to take time out and appreciate the beauty of who, what and where we are, at any point in our lives and to heal, rejuvenate, and nurture ourselves. We just get so busy we forget, don't take time or just plain old neglect what we, like nature, needs to be nurtured. We need to get back in touch with our inner beauty and the beauty of those, in the Garden, around us," said Veeda. So, take the time to appreciate beauty - support your community - support small businesses and local artists...stop by Tranquility's Sacred Flower Garden today!
Tranquility's, soon to be Secrets of Tranquility's, is located at 109 South Potomac Street, downtown Hagerstown. To visit them online, see: or give them at call at 301-733-4415.