To Hear or Not to Hear: Local Business is "Hear" to Help

To Hear or Not to Hear
Local Business is "Hear" to Help
By Jennifer Leese

Making the move to getting a hearing aid, for many, is a huge and life-changing decision. If you're worried about how it will look or whether or not it actually works, knowing your options is important for you to make an informed decision. That's where All About Hearing, Hearing Aid Service in Greencastle comes in handy.
Dave Kaufmann took over Kiser Hearing Aid Service, an existing business, which had been serving the Greencastle community for over 40 years. "After working 25 years for others in the hearing healthcare industry, including hearing aid manufacturers, it was an opportunity to serve our community in a more direct way. Originally, I had planned on opening an office in Chambersburg, but the former owner, Zane Kiser, was looking to retire and opening up All About Hearing was an opportunity to continue the long standing traditions of excellence he had devoted his entire career to."
Kiser Hearing Aid Service became All About Hearing July 2008. The name was changed "to reflect the concept that we work with much more than hearing aids.
"While some additions to the products and services we offer have been realized, the main focus of quality service at the most affordable prices has not changed," said Kaufmann.
"Hearing devices have been around for hundreds of years, although it was not until 1800 that mass production began. Due to technology, hearing aids are now made more durable and comfortable. Manufacturers have made them smaller and easier to use and they are able to provide a better sound quality.
"It is estimated that roughly 10 per cent of the population suffers from some type of hearing impairment. Thanks to consumer demand and technological innovation, there are a myriad of features available in hearing aids today that will satisfy the needs of every consumer."1
Hearing better doesn't "necessarily mean purchasing hearing aids. We offer [many] products and services to assist people, including free hearing evaluations, a free video inspection of their ears, and free hearing aid cleanings," says Kaufmann. "We service and repair any make or model of hearing aids, regardless of where or how long ago they may have purchased them. All About Hearing is all about our client's hearing and we offer products from basic hearing aids to the most advanced digital hearing systems. We offer products to help make watching TV a relaxed and comfortable experience, we have products to help with everyday life issues, like extra loud alarm clocks with pillow shakers, amplified telephones and other accessories to help the hearing impaired."
Kaufmann is extremely knowledgeable in the hearing aid healthcare industry, as he has worked for several companies specializing in this specific trade for over 25 years. "My experience in all of these capacities has provided a career long understanding of the advancements available to assist people with their hearing loss in order to, not only hear better, but to enjoy life more fully. I always say that hearing loss is not just a hearing problem for the person experiencing it, but a communication issue for everyone they come into contact with. Our job is to help them enjoy life more fully, by hearing the best they can."
When asked how his company is different than others he said, "because of our strong philosophy of helping others hear better. I believe anyone can sell a hearing aid, but it is the service afterward that makes all the difference. We offer very affordable pricing on our products and there are many services we offer at no charge, such as quarterly cleanings and adjustments for the life of their hearing aids
There are several common hearing aid styles: completely in the canal, in the canal, half-shell, in the ear, behind the ear, and open fit.2
"We offer hearing aids of all sizes, shapes and capabilities. We offer the smallest completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids all the way up to the larger, more powerful behind the ear (BTE) hearing instruments. Something newer in recent years is the "open fit" style of hearing instrument that has become very popular. They are very small and discreet, fitting just over the ear with a very small tube or wire that comes down and fits in the outer part of the ear canal.
"This design eliminates many of the problems traditional in-the-ear hearing aids have caused for many people such as feeling stuffed up or hearing their own voice like it is in a barrel. These new instruments are called over-the-ear (OTE) hearing aids and leave the ear canal much more open and comfortable. Huge advances have been made in managing background noise in recent years and almost all of the hearing aids we provide have some degree of noise management built into them.
"Today's hearing aids are also much less likely to feedback or squeal as others have in the past. We also offer more advanced hearing aids that are automatic. They sample the environment in real time and make decisions on how to best process sounds based on the listening environment the patient is in. We also offer several models that never need batteries and are rechargeable. Each night the patient would place the entire hearing aid in a recharger and in the morning it is ready for the day's use again. For the more technology savvy clients we offer bluetooth compatible hearing aids that allow you to stream your MP3 player, cell phone, or any other audio device directly through your hearing aids. Twenty-five years ago when I first started working in the hearing healthcare industry, almost all hearing aids had to be adjusted by small screwdrivers. Now, they are computerized and offer the opportunity to very closely mimic the natural operation of the inner ear in order to provide a much more natural listening experience.
"We offer other products besides hearing aids, such as TV listening systems. We are the authorized local distributor for TV Ears, a wireless headset that costs about $100.00 that transmits your television signal directly to your ears without cords or wires. We also have TV loop systems, which are designed to work with the telephone mode built into many hearing aids. The hearing aid can be switched into the telephone mode and the TV signal is automatically transmitted through the hearing aids.
"We offer other lifestyle accessories such as amplified telephones and alarm clocks. We provide accessories for hearing aids and carry a full line of hearing aid batteries, as well," explained Kaufmann.
So, if you're looking to simply "hear better" then call or stop by All About Hearing and start the change toward a better you. They are located at 49 S. Carlisle St. Greencastle, PA 17225. They can be reached by calling 717-597-9230 or by sending an email to:

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