County COmment: Commissioners Honor Employees, Retirees for Service

County Comment
Commissioners Honor Employees, Retirees for Service
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners honored 133 employees for their length of service to the County on Tuesday, May 3, the 7th Annual Employee Service Awards Breakfast at the Four Points Hotel in Hagerstown.
The event, hosted by the Board of County Commissioners of Washington County, Maryland, is held in honor of employees celebrating service milestones. Collectively the group reflects 1,957 years of dedicated service for Washington County and its citizens.
Ten retirees received plaques for periods of service ranging from 33 years to 13 years. Calvin E. Turner of Highways served 33 Years 7 Months, Dean L. Lowry served Public Works for 30 Years, G. Gregory Stotler of Highways served 29 Years 9 Months, Robert S. Kefauver served Emergency Services 29 Years 1 Month, Forrest O. Sprecher of the Sheriff's Patrol Division served 27 Years 7 Months, William Morgan served in Highways for 26 Years 7 Months, Manford L. Hart was a Highways employee for 26 Years, William A. Malott, Jr. served in the Sheriff's Patrol for 22 Years 5 Months, Richard H. Mason of Highways served 19 Years 4 Months, and Robert C. Arch of Planning served for 13 Years 3 Months.
Ted Wolford, Highways Director was honored for having the longest time in service, at 35 years, and Janis K. Ridenour of the Purchasing Department was commended for 30 years service to the County.
Those serving for 25 years included Richard W. Blair of the Sheriff's Detention Center, Angela M. Lowenheim of the Budget & Finance Department, Four employees from the Highways Department-Ronald L. Ridenour, Robert L. Smith, Jr., Jackie L. Reynard, Jr., and Thomas J. Keefer. Stephen T. Goodrich serves in the Planning Department, Ernest J. Bishop, Jr. is a Department of Water Quality employee, Michael A. Shifler works for the Department of Emergency Services and Denzil E. Viands, Jr. serves in the Solid Waste Department.
Those passing the 20-year milestone included Victoria L. McKenzie of Engineering, Roy L. Harsh, Thomas L. Newton, Mark S. Faith and Thomas F. Routzahn of the Sheriff's Patrol Division. From the Sheriff's Detention Division, Steven E. McCoy, George E. Buckheit, Timothy White, James L. Powell, Doreen K. Burcker, Douglas E. Moore, Michael F. Borsos and Linda J. Weicht all passed the 20-year mark. Bardona J. Woods of Emergency Services, Phillip G. Ridenour of Hagerstown Regional Airport, James C. Blevins from Emergency Services, Timothy A. Lung of the Planning Department, Tony V. Davis of the Department of Water Quality, Frederick C. Armstrong of Buildings, Grounds, and Parks, Robert A. Hershman, Edward P. Robinson and Rodney L. Bowers of the Highways Department, E. Irene Rosenberry of Central Services and Lillian J. Bloyer of the Treasurer's Office.
Serving the citizens of Washington County for 15 years are Vicki L. Grimm of the County Attorney's Office, Zane L. Rowe of Highways, Kimberly A. Artz, Douglas Oliver and Angela Poffenberger of the Information Technologies Department, Tracey A. Peyton of Sheriff's Patrol, Douglas R. Long, Brenda K. Wright and Thomas S. VanMetre of the Sheriff's Detention Division. Michelle L. Martin of the Treasurer's Office, David E. Davis of the Black Rock Public Golf Course, Annajean B. McKnight of Human Resources, Gary W. Rohrer Director of Public Works, David E. Seifarth of the Planning Department, Jeffrey L. Gardiner of Transportation and Guy J. Sentz of Highways passed the fifteen year mark. From the Department of Water Quality, Timothy H. Dorsey, Ronald E. Baer, Brian S. Brandt, Benjamin F. Myers, Julie A. Pippel, Karen L. Flook, Jamie L. Calandrelle, and Rodney E. Snyder have all served 15 years. George R. Miller, Jr. and Richard W. Eichelberger of the Department of Permits and Inspections, David B. Miller, and Robert P. Graff of Buildings, Grounds and Parks, Paul Hahn, Karen S. H. Rohm, and Donna M. Fuss of the Solid Waste Department all were honored for 15 years' service.
Those serving for 10 years include Michael Gladhill, Mark Keys and Charles M. Enders of the Sheriff's Judicial Division; James D. Holsinger, John C. Martin, James R. Grimm, Jr. Todd L. Kerns, Robert W. Whittington, Gregory S. Alton, all from the Sheriff's Patrol Division; Joseph L. Keller, Ricky L. Ebersole, Kimberlie A. Crumbacker, Michael T. Rafter and Mary Jane Blickenstaff from the Sheriff's Detention Division. From the Highways Department David A. Spessard III, Edwin L. Plank Wayne R. Topper, Daniel P. Jones, Terrence M. Golden and Ricky L. Martz have all served for 10 years. Regina M. Cirincion, Arthur S. Rozes, and Sharon Showe of the State's Attorney's Office passed the decade mark. Jerry L. Ward of the Department of Water Quality, Kenneth M. Carrier of Buildings, Grounds and Parks, Kimberly Kepler-Thomas of the Transportation Department, Joseph F. Kuhna of Public Works, Gregory J. Larsen of Hagerstown Regional Airport and Norman H. Bassett of the Public Information Office received 10-year service pins.
Celebrating 5 years of service are Brian E. Burke, David T. Izat, Shelly I. Dick and James M. Sword of the Sheriff's Patrol Division, Douglas L. Murray, David W. Ebersole, Bernard E. Canfield and Earl R. Baker of the Highways Department. From the Department of Water Quality Robert E. Igou, Jeffrey L. Trite, Marc A. Albowicz and Mark D. Bradshaw have served 5 years.
Kimberly A. Miller, and Frank Quillen, Jr. of Permits and Inspections, Vicki M. Stinebaugh and Melissa D. Yates of the Engineering Department, County Attorney John M. Martirano, Angela M. Helfrick of the Community Partnership, Jennifer L. Swisher of the Department of Emergency Services, Dee A. Barnhart of Circuit Court, Kathy E. Flood of Black Rock Public Golf Course, Karen Frisby of Budget and Finance, Ernest W. Shoemaker of the Solid Waste Department, Debra I. Peyton of the Human Resources Department, Jill L. Baker of the Planning Department, and Peggy Russ of the Narcotics Task Force all were recipients of 5-year service pins. County Commissioners' President Greg Snook paid tribute to the group, saying the business of Washington County Government would not be possible without the dedication of those who devote their lives to public service.