Board of County Commissioners' Actions: Commissioners Attend Consolidated Booking Dedication

PIC: Commissioners, Law Enforcement, Local Leaders Cut Consolidated Booking Ribbon

Board of County Commissioners' Actions
Commissioners Attend Consolidated Booking Dedication

As part of its regular meeting on February 2nd, 2010, the Commissioners helped cut the ribbon formally opening the new Consolidated Booking facility at the Public Safety complex on Western Maryland Parkway.
County Sheriff Doug Mullendore lauded the Commissioners and all involved with making the facility a reality. The project, begun in 2001, will streamline arrest and booking procedures for the Sheriff's Department, City of Hagerstown Police and Maryland State Police.
A central location allows officers to reduce the time spent in booking suspects from 4 hours to 45 minutes, allowing faster return to patrol and other enforcement duties.
Mullendore said that Department staff has been trained in the booking procedures, and the month of February will see training of City Police and State Police officers in how they will interact with the system. The facility is expected to be in operation in March, Mullendore said.
In other actions, the Commissioners approved modification of a contract with the Maryland Department of Human Resources for receiving, storing and distributing food donated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture through The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), administered by Food Resources, Inc. in Washington County.
Food Resources Director Ruth Anne Callaham told the Board that the additional $17,366.78 from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds will continue a position created at the warehouse last year in support of TEFAP commodity distribution. It follows a similar grant of $10,000 that funded the position from July 24 through September 30, 2009.
Commissioners heard from Vance Creech of Boonsboro, who asked for support of a bill before the legislature that would provide a Homestead Tax Credit to persons residing in Living Units in Continuing Care Retirement Communities such as that provided by the Fahrney-Keedy home in Boonsboro.
Jim Devine of Hagerstown commented in the Library project and hate crimes against homeless persons.
The Board reached consensus to move forward in support of the bills suggested for introduction in the current state legislative session. A Forest Conservation bill would contain a provision allowing the Commissioners, in concert with other local and state agencies, to set a fee to be paid in lieu of reforestation, when such an action cannot be completed. The measure would reconcile a disparity between the state fee charged per square foot, and the amount the County Forest Conservation District cites as actual cost. County Administrator Greg Murray relayed a request from the Antietam Velo Club for funding from the Hotel-Motel Tax. The club hosts an annual 3-Day Bicycle race and requested the funding to offset overtime costs for County Sheriff's Deputies for traffic control. In previous years the amount has been less than $2,000. The Board approved that request, up to $2,000 in actual costs.