Do It All In One Place

By Jennifer LB Leese

Pony Postal Center, an authorized UPS shipping outlet, is having an Open House February 1, 2 & 3 from 10am to 5pm. Refreshments will be served during business hours. The Center opened in 2001 at 345 E. Antietam Street in Hagerstown and as of September 1, 2009 is now situated at 25 E. Antietam Street directly behind the library. Located in a newly renovated building, just down from the Entertainment District in Downtown Hagerstown, Pony Postal offers their customers convenience and friendly service from experienced staff - all at low, competitive prices.
Pony Postal is here for you. Want to watch a movie but don't have a mail-order account with places the big-name movie houses? Then head on over to Pony Postal and rent one or even buy one for $5!
Want to keep your mail safe? They also offer mailbox rentals, small, medium, and large, with 3 months, 6 months, and one-year options with 24-hour access.
Need a document signed by a notary? Let the Center notarize them for you. They'll even ship the documents out for you, saving you the aggravation of having to make another stop, and getting your legal documents to their perspective candidates faster.
But that's not all they do, they even sells snacks and gum, sodas and waters, packing supplies such as tape, boxes, peanuts, stamps, greeting cards and more.
Do you have a package already to go? Then why not drop it off with them and let them take care of having UPS and USPS pick it up?
Other services available:
Private Mailbox Suites: 24-Hour Access
Shipping & Mailing
U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Stamps - Bulk Mailing
Packing Supplies
Boxes - Mailers - Packing Supplies
Color or B&W Copies - Enlarge and Reduce
Fax Service
Send & Receive Faxes - Local, Worldwide
Typing & Typesetting
Resumes, Letters, Flyers, Reports
Other Services
Notary - Postage Stamps - Key Duplicating - Laminating - Office Supplies - Shipping & Moving Boxes - Tape - Packaging Supplies - Greeting Cards - Post Cards - Road Maps - DVD Videos, Rent or Buy
As technology advances, so does the Pony Postal Center. As they start their 9th year in business, they continually strive to provide superior services to their customers. So, join them during their Open House and see what all they have to offer!
You can contact the Pony Postal Center at 301-714-0470. Look for Pony Postal Center coupons in the Picket News Newspaper every week!