Fish News_ 12-13-09

Fish News

Nov. 24, Charles Southall fished near the York River. They found a lot of bait and made a good catch of school-sized rockfish.
Nov. 22, Rick Wineman fished the ocean side of the 3rd island of the CBBT. They caught 10 rockfish up to 36 inches long.
Nov. 21, Rick Wineman saw some working birds in the Poquoson River. They found feeding rockfish under them. They caught fish in the 20-24 inch range.
Nov. 21, we ran towards the Triangle Wrecks to catch bluefish and flounder. We had an eye out for bluefin tuna and stuff on board to fish for the thresher sharks, which have been in the area. Between the Chesapeake Light Tower and the Triangle Wrecks, we found working birds and saw fish busting on the surface. We started to put out some lures and were immediately hooked up. It turned out to be a rockfish in the 30 something inch range. The next fish was one of the bluefish we were targeting. Thick schools of baitfish were everywhere. We never saw any bluefin but it was constant bluefish and rockfish action. We left the fish biting and went on out to the Triangle Wrecks. There we caught flounder, sea bass, and a few more bluefish. The spiny dogfish population was up from last week and we did not catch many flounder. I think we caught a total of 5 flounder. On the way back in, we ran back into working birds further out than where we had left them. We stopped and caught bluefish and rockfish until dark. The rockfish were healthy and mostly in the 30 something inch range with the largest about 42 inches long. The ocean rockfish run is on. I was surprised to find them that far out there this early in the season. We released all of the by-catch rockfish and sea bass while keeping the bluefish to eat. Strange world. A number of the guys wanted bluefish to smoke for Thanksgiving.
Nov.15, in the aftermath of the noreaster, we went fishing. Inlet Station Marina had some damage but looked like it road the storm out well. The Healthy Grin was still floating, so we were good to go. We ran out to the Triangle Wrecks. For some reason, we had the whole area and the fish all to ourselves. Leftover waves were rather impressive in the morning but they laid down as the day progressed and then the sun came out! It was nice to see the sun again. We caught some big flounder, sea bass, and bluefish. We had to let all of the sea bass go. The bluefish were caught on the troll, by jigging, and with flounder rigs on the bottom. The only bad news is that we caught several spiny dogfish. They are not too thick yet.
Nov. 9, John Hunt fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught 14 blackfin tuna and a 51-pound wahoo. They had a mako shark sky out of the water in the middle of their spread. It was not after their baits but was chasing the blackfins, which were attacking the baits.

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