County Comment: New Residential Cooking Oil & Grease Recycling Program at 40-West Landfill Announced

CUTLINE: This Tank is for the Birds. County installs cooking oil and crease recycling tank in time for the holidays.

County Comment
New Residential Cooking Oil & Grease Recycling Program at 40-West Landfill Announced
By Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

The Holidays are upon us once again, and holiday cooking means turkey...and the oil and grease associated with the traditional holiday bird. With deep-frying turkey the current fad, the need to manage cooking oils that get poured down the drain increases.
Used cooking oils, fats and grease clogging the system cause approximately 50% of all sanitary sewer overflow events.
Just in time to help with the holidays, Washington County's 40-West Landfill is now accepting used and un-used cooking oils and greases from County residents only, for recycling, for free.
Deputy Director of the Washington County Division of Environmental Management-Solid Waste Cliff Engle advises that any type of liquid vegetable oil used in residential kitchens, such as peanut, corn, canola, olive, and safflower oil will be accepted for recycling, along with animal-based cooking greases like bacon grease, renderings, and lard.
The service is designed to assist residential customers. No commercial oils or grease from restaurants, cafeterias, etc. will be accepted. There is a 5-gallon limit per day.
Cooking oils and grease may be brought to the 40-West Landfill recycling area during normal facility hours, and placed into a designated cooking oil and grease-recycling tank adjacent to the recycle lot attendant building. Security is important so please see the attendant for access to the cooking oil and grease-recycling tank.
Please make sure the cooking oil or grease is not mixed with other fluids such as water, petroleum products, soaps, etc. Place the cooking oils or grease into a container with a tight fitting lid; metal or plastic containers are preferred. Do not fill the container while the cooking oil or grease is still hot as this could cause the container to crack or split.
This program does not accept other oils and greases such as motor or lubricating oils. Tanks for recycling of petroleum based oil and grease are provided separately at the recycling area.
Used cooking oil and grease is recycled into several valuable commodities including bio-fuels and animal feeds.
The 40-West Landfill, located one mile west of Huyett's Crossroads on U.S. 40 West, is open for normal business hours from 7am until 3:30pm Monday through Saturday. The landfill will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th and Friday November 27th, but will reopen for business at 7am on Saturday, November 28th.
For more information call the Solid Waste Department at 240-313-2790.