Fish News: Meetings and Trip

Fish News
Meetings and Trips

Our next club meeting will be on November 17. Our speaker will be Captain Blake Hayden. Capt. Hayden is an expert at catching gator speckled trout. His focus will be the Elizabeth River trophy fishery.
For everyone interested in grouper, tilefish, and other offshore bottom fish, there is a meeting at the VMRC building at 6pm, Monday, November 16. This will concern proposed new regulations to our south and the possibility of extending these regulations into our waters.
Another state-record blueline tilefish has been approved. The fish weighed in at 23 pounds, 5 ounces. This monster fish was caught by Michael Adkins on July 4. He caught the fish near the Norfolk Canyon.
Nov. 9, John Hunt fished out of Oregon Inlet. They caught 14 blackfin tuna and a 51-pound wahoo. They had a mako shark sky out of the water in the middle of their spread. It was not after their baits but was chasing the blackfins, which were attacking the baits.
Nov. 7-9, We finally got a calm weekend so we made the most of it. Left out of Rudee Inlet Saturday morning. The plan was to spend the night shark fishing. We headed south, all the way to The Point. We put out a trolling spread and within minutes, tuna were hitting everything. Three lines came tight which were plenty as there were only three of us. We managed to boat all of them, yellowfin tuna in the 35-pound class. I made the comment that 2 more times like that, we would have our limit and what were we going to do until dark? Of course, that was a stupid thing to say. We did not have another tuna bite the rest of the afternoon. We set up for our evening drift inside of The Point and drifted east. We had stuff for swordfish, tuna chunking, and of course shark stuff. We started out putting out a couple of swordfish baits. We had the lines taken from our hands as were feeding them out. Sharks were already there so we started shark fishing. We put out some chum and started to catch sharks as fast as we could re-rig and get a bait in the water. I'm not good at identifying sharks. These were just sharks, dusky, bull or other sharks. We did not catch any of the easy to identify sharks. I expected a lot of blue sharks based on long-line reports in the area but we did not see any. These sharks ranged from 4 to 8 feet long. Wes Blow caught the largest, about 200 pounds. Bob Manus had a big fish on but it was on one of the swordfish rigs and after an impressive run, it bit through the monofilament leader. This was Bob's first fishing trip since back surgery. It probably was not a good first trip. I think he is going to need some more surgery. He sure was making some funny noises while fighting those sharks. We drifted on out past the 1000 fathom curve. The sharks stayed with us the entire night. Sunday morning, we started trolling again. There was a lot of life around but we only caught false albacore. We picked up early for the run back to Rudee. I was a little concerned about fuel. We had run to The Point before and we have done plenty of overnight trips but we had never run to The Point for an overnighter. It turned out we had plenty of fuel. Monday morning, I fished the Triangle Wrecks. Everyone else was at work except the Poquoson School kids were out of school. I picked up 14-year-old Hunter Southall on the way to Virginia Beach. We caught some nice flounder which went in the cooler. We also caught some nice sea bass, which we had to let go. Big bluefish are out there as some of the sea bass were bit in half. Time to go fishing for bluefish. The flounder we caught were 18 to 26 inches long with most of them in the 22-24 inch range.

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