Penn Ave. Meats, "Something Old...Revisited!"

Penn Ave. Meats, "Something Old...Revisited!"
by William L. Bulla

When you walk into Penn Avenue Meats, you can't help but feel that you've taken a step back in time. You will not find bin-after-bin of pre-wrapped meat, as in today's supermarkets, but massive glass cases of freshly cut beef, pork, and poultry.
"Our customers don't have to buy a package of four or six pork chops when they only want two; or a two-pound package of ground beef when they only need one," said market owner Roger Martin. "Our main priority is our customer's satisfaction."
The store features a delicatessen with a large variety of prepared food, which is designed to accommodate the hectic life style of today's world.
This gives people another option to fill their grocery needs.
"We agonize over our recipes and what our customers want. There are no preservatives in our prepared foods. They are cooked fresh daily," Martin said.
Penn Avenue Meats displays a vast assortment of prepared salads.
"Our chicken salad is very popular. It is made from fresh chickens, not frozen, and no fillers are added," Martin stated. "Sameness is desirable to many of our customers, so we follow our recipes closely. They can depend upon getting the same taste in a product today as it was yesterday, or will be tomorrow."
Unlike the style of shopping at supermarkets, where customers take one day a week to load up their weekly needs, customers at Penn Avenue Meats come in two or three times a week. "It reminds me of the European style of shopping," Martin noted. "Of course, over there many families have no refrigeration, so they must shop that way for fresh food. Here it offers an opportunity to vary their menu daily instead of having to eat leftovers all week long."
At one time families were always together for meals but in today's society that is no longer true. There are many meetings and activities in our society today that cause people to eat alone at home. Penn Avenue Meats offers a wide menu of prepared food to help those individuals, from fresh daily soups to salads, to complete dinners and delicious desserts. Roger Martin said, "We have a wide spread of items from potato dishes to crab cakes, marinated pit-beef style round beef, and even hog maw."
The deli can create party trays to the desires of the customer. These are not pre-established trays where one has to make a choice, but they are custom-made with ingredients of the customer's wishes. "Whether it is a small affair, or a big one, we can accommodate our customers with a variety of items," Martin said.
Cooked fresh meats such as ham, turkey, prime ribs, fillet mignon, may be ordered for any occasion. They will be cooked to meet the customer's requirements, hand-carved and ready for pickup when needed.
A tour through the market revealed a wide selection of sausages including andouille, bratwurst, polish, sweet and hot Italian, turkey, and a chicken and apple combination. Another product that seems to attract shoppers is the beef jerky. There are three varieties: Teriyaki, Texas Firewalker, and Old Fashioned. These products are made in the store with beef sirloin instead of ground meat.
Another popular product produced in the store is a special dry-rub product for ribs. Named Buckshot Rib Rub, the product is a creation of Martin's son, Shannon, who represents the second generation in this family business. Roger Martin's wife, Linda, is also active in the store.
This family-owned market, established in 1984, offers customers, a friendly atmosphere, and an accommodating staff of eighteen employees. A visit to Penn Avenue Meats, 13142 Pennsylvania Avenue is a pleasant shopping experience. The store is open 10am to 6pm weekdays; Saturday 9am to 5pm.