Hair Stylists Find Joy in Providing Haircuts for Women at The W House

Hair Stylists Find Joy in Providing Haircuts for Women at The W House
by Jennifer Leese

Silhouette Salon in Hagerstown is giving back to the community - one haircut at a time.
In the span of three hours four stylists - Julie Knepper, Beth Dofflemyer, Kristi Brooks, and Alicia Neiser, and salon coordinator, Beverly Montgomery - donated their time to give free haircuts for women at The W House.
When eleven women, ages 18 and up, arrived at the salon there were boxes and boxes of donated items waiting for them. Silhouette, along with the help of their clients, collected clothes, jewelry, shoes, toiletries and more for the women at the House. "These things were donated to help them find and keep jobs," said stylist Kristi Brooks.
The W House is a residential halfway house for women in the early stages of recovery from chemical dependency. The house provides and supports the delivery of the most affordable, efficient, and effective service by providing treatment, education, and relapse prevention, regardless of their ability to pay.
"Our goal is to return women back to society and back to their families as sober, responsible, law-abiding, productive citizens."
Their program is designed to offer encouragement and support in order to enable clients to begin to live a life free from drugs or alcohol while restoring self-confidence and dignity. Ideally, this goal may be accomplished with a commitment to continued recovery and involvement in twelve-step recovery programs, addiction education, group and individual counseling, family involvement in the treatment process and willingness to cooperate with all related community resources for recovery.
Erin E. Tack, MA, NCC, Executive Director at The W House Foundation said, "I thought it was absolutely a blessing when Silhouette contacted us! Our clients are struggling with the demands they have to meet, for example meeting daily requirements of our very structured program, as well as working, going to AA/NA meetings daily, keeping to therapy and doctors appointments, plus working on rebuilding the relationships that their addiction has torn apart. These things that seem like everyday tasks for people like you and me can be very overwhelming to a woman in early recovery."
Julie Knepper, salon owner and stylist, said doing this for these women was "enjoying and satisfying" ... "it made me feel good to do something like this." Hearing the women express their appreciation was rewarding for the stylists. "They said 'it was like Christmas'," said Beth.
"I very much enjoyed seeing the clients getting pampered," said Tack. "The stylists were incredibly friendly and joked around with the women, I don't think I have ever heard them laugh as much as they did on Monday! The clients absolutely loved the experience. One client told me that it was like Christmas morning as we were driving back to The W House from the salon. It was nice for the women to have the chance to get out, and for a few hours worry about nothing but what style they wanted their hair. We try to do activities for the women that boost self-confidence and self-esteem, but as an agency with limited resources this can get difficult, it's so great when someone offers to help us with that! The fact that the salon had donations was also extremely nice, we had a few women that couldn't make it to the salon that morning, but they were still able to benefit from the donations. It still amazes me how generous the community is!"
"They were very appreciative, sweet, and grateful," Kristi added.
Silhouette Salon provides extraordinary customer service in a friendly atmosphere. They take pride in giving personal attention to each and every customer. Regardless of which service you choose (manicure, haircut, style, color, make-up) you can always expect exceptional service from Silhouette Salon's professional staff.
Whether they are collecting items, selling goods, giving free haircuts, or having a yard sale, Silhouette Salon believes in giving back to the community.
The idea to help the women of The "W" House came after reading an article about them in the paper. "We read it during the summer," said Beth Dofflemyer, self-proclaimed "master" stylist, "and we knew we had to help."
The stylists at Silhouette Salon hope to donate their services to local charities more often throughout the year. "It's for a good cause," said Beth.
If you're interested in donating items to The W House or have someone you'd like to refer, give them a call at 301-791-7826 or email them at Items that would be beneficial include: journals, day planners, gloves, scarves, hats, socks, pens, and things of that nature. "Also, we get a lot of clients that don't have personal care items when they are admitted to the program, so donations of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, brushes, combs and soap are always needed."
The W House is located at 519 N. Locust St., Hagerstown.
Silhouette Salon is located at 13228 Marsh Pike, Hagerstown. Call them at 301-797-8105 for your next beauty appointment.