Fish News: Success in Elizabeth River

Fish News
Success in Elizabeth River

Wind has really put a damper on fishing activity and there is no end in sight. Spot are still biting in the lower bay hot spots but they have become harder to find and this latest blow may put an end to this fishery. Speckled trout are being caught in the inlets and up on Poquoson Flats. Trollers have been successful in the Elizabeth River.
A new, online edition of the Virginia Saltwater Angler's Guide has been published. It is a great source of information. You will find a lot of PSWSFA photos inside. The Guide can be found at:
The next club meeting will be October 20, Captain Herb Gordon will be speaking to us about all things rockfish. Come on out and learn some pointers for catching more and larger striped bass!
Oct. 9, we went out on one of our trips for science. The target was young-of-the-year bluefin tuna. We fished around the Weather Buoy/Cigar area. We caught plenty of baby tuna but they were all blackfins. We also caught a skipjack and a bunch of false albacore. We had a couple of wahoo bite-offs.
Oct. 5, Wes and Amy Blow fished Hampton Roads for spot after work. The bite was not great but they did catch some spot, a gray trout, and some sea bass.
Oct. 4, Ric Burnley did some wreck hopping down from the Chesapeake Light Tower down to the South Tower. They caught amberjack to 51 inches long and triggerfish up to 5 pounds 1 ounce. This fish should be the new state leader. They saw spadefish but did not fish for them.
Oct 3, I fished for spot with Charles and Hunter Southall. We caught fish from the MMBT to the HRBT. The spot were in the 1/2 pound size. Charles caught a nice, keeper sea bass and I caught a gray trout. We saw plenty of other club members out there doing the same thing.
Oct. 2, Brandon Honeycutt fished the Chesapeake Light Tower. They caught a couple of citation jack crevalle and had a great by-catch. An 82 pound cobia ate their jack bait. That is one big, late season cobia!
Sept. 28, Tricia and I went out to the Chesapeake Light Tower for a very short trip after the kids got off to school. Tricia and I each dropped a spot down by a tower leg and we both hooked up right away. We caught and released the double of jack crevalle. The wind was kicking up pretty good so we did not stay out there very long. Tricia dropped three more times, using horse croakers for bait to see if she could pick an amberjack out of those crevalle. The croakers did not last very long. Three hook-ups resulted in a pulled hook and two which got back in the tower and broke off so we don't know about the amberjack but there were plenty of something down there. We were back at Rudee for lunch.

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