Cafe Italia - Great Italian Food

Cafe Italia - Great Italian Food

Nestled between Pennsylvania Avenue and Burhans Blvd in the north end of Hagerstown sits Cafe Italia, a charming and spacious restaurant built to satisfy your Italian cravings.
Since 2000, this restaurant has brought authentic Italian cuisine to Hagerstown - and they're doing an excellent job at it. "I've worked in the restaurant business for a long time," said Tony Scotto, owner. Scotto comes from Italy. He moved here in 1996 to work with his cousin who owned a business in Williamsport. Four years later he decided to open his own business in June of 2000. In the near future, he'd like to see his business expand with opening another store in another part of town.
Cafe Italia is cozy enough to be intimate for couples searching for romantic establishments, yet open enough to please families looking for room to spread out. This restaurant delivers the Italian cuisine and atmosphere without the doldrums of a corporate chain.
The menu is almost overwhelming in its offerings - salads and wings, pizza and subs, pastas and various meat dishes. For dessert try the ever-popular cannoli - a mouthwatering tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet, creamy filling topped with chocolate chips and powdered sugar, a New York-style cheesecake, or tiramisu - an Italian cake made of lady finger biscuits.
Having a party or just a few friends over? Don't feel like cooking? Call Cafe Italia and let them do the cooking for you. Their catering staff would be delighted to prepare and serve delectable fare for your gathering whether it be for a bridal shower, luncheon, office party, or graduation. They are sure to exceed your expectations with their unparalleled service, delicious cuisine and flexibility.
A full array of food and desserts are available - with the aim to please every palate and every budget.
Cafe Italia is not a restaurant to miss. Decorated attractively with lights, garland, and countless quirky photos they captivate their clientele, creating a return customer for years to come. The inexpensive menu and diverse pickings make this restaurant an ideal place to bring friends for a party or a get together or a simple evening out with the family.
Rated number one by frequent Cafe Italia-goer, Susan Binford said, "Their crab fries are extremely good. They are over the top!"
The atmosphere and the prompt and friendly service are what places this restaurant above its competitors in this part of town.
Cafe Italia is located at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown.