It's Only Ink! It's Me!

It's Only Ink!
It's Me!

Children love to play dress-up. Patricia, err...Finula Lily...Patrooshka...uh...Little Mommy, is no exception. This energetic little preschooler has quite a big imagination. When she's Finula Lily, she's a beautiful princess, but when she becomes Patrooshka, she is an awful, mean witch, and when she is Little Mommy, she is a loving mommy with a little girl who is the most beautiful girl in the world. Patricia's creativity entertains her audience...I mean, family, as she changes from character to character. Her family plays along--except for her bigger brother, who thinks he know everything! The book doesn't end there...Patricia has one more role to play. Who is it? Will her family ever see Patricia again?
Illustrator Isabelle Decenie're has drawn the most adorable, cheery pictures. She captures the innocence, fun, and surprise within the little girl and her family members. They fit wonderful with author Eric Drachman's realistic text.
"It's Me!" is a Book-On-CD which features "enchanting, dramatic performances from kids and adults, lush sound effects, and audible page turns to encourage new readers to follow along."

It's Me! written by Eric Drachman
Published by: Kidwick Books,
Released: November 2004
ISBN: 0-9703809-2-5
Price: $18.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland,