Find Love by Getting a Speeding Ticket

Find Love by Getting a Speeding Ticket
by Jennifer LB Leese

Why date one person at a time when you can have twenty dates in the same evening?
That's the idea behind speed dating. Speed dating is where individuals spend up to five minutes chatting with each other before the they move on to another person, who, same as you, has just finished "chatting" with someone else just seconds before. It's genius!
Sam Buckley, 23 of Hagerstown, partnered with a few family members to begin Sammy's Singles - a speed-dating service in Hagerstown.
Buckley is a business major at Howard County Community College; his parents have almost 30 years in the marketing business. "Sam knew he had backup when it came to the how-to's," Katy Sweeney, aka "Mom" and president of Sammy's Singles, said. "We started Sammy's Singles because we felt that this was a good way to serve the community with a safe, fun way to meet singles in person. We also wanted to do our community a service by giving part of the proceeds to AIDS Awareness."
Speed dating is popular in larger cities. 'Why Hagerstown?' I asked. "Hagerstown has few, if any outlets for singles to meet other than a few bars. Many people that we have talked to have expressed the desire to meet folks in person but not in the bar environment." Eventually planning to have events in Frederick, Winchester, and Chambersburg, Sammy's Singles hopes to make many love matches with speed-dating events planned for single Christian, gay and lesbian, Latino, as well as 55-plus communities.
"We felt that people over the Internet may not tell the truth. For the price of a month on an Internet service you can meet many people in one night. There is much to be said for meeting someone in person and talking with them eye to eye versus IMing over the Internet."
Each party begins at 7pm. Guests sign in and mingle until the speed-dating event begins. "Speeding tickets" are handed out where you put your name and contact information. The tickets also state the 3 rules:
1- No exchanging personal information other than first names
2- No engaging in any type of sexually explicit discussions during your "speed" date, and
3- Do not ask anyone if they would like an other date
Guests are seated opposite from one another and have approximately 4 minutes to talk to each other. After which one group will move up a seat while the other group remains seated. If you feel you found a match or didn't find a match, you mark that on your "speeding ticket" next to that person's name. The tickets are $25.00 (pre-pay) and $35.00 at the door and include free soft drinks and snacks, door prizes, a cash bar, and tons of fun. Seating is limited and advance registration is recommended.
At the end of the evening these tickets are turned in. Two people are only paired off if BOTH of them want to be a match or friends. No person information is exchanged during the speed-dating party. After the tickets are turned in the guests are either e-mailed or mailed their respective matches - there may be many or there may be none. Only phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses are given out - no physical addresses. It is then up to each guest as to how and when they will continue communication.
"This is a wonderful opportunity for singles to meet other singles in person and in a safe environment. We want people to have fun but we also want to be taken seriously. Each guest must sign a form agreeing to practice safe dating tips," Katy said. offers speed-dating tips and conversation topics as well as a list of body-language signals for flirting.
Sammy's Singles offers their guests safe-dating tips and they provide protection for safer sex practices, along with information about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
Upcoming events include:
Tue. Sept. 29 at 7pm - Christian Night at the Hagerstown Hotel and Convention Center
Wed. Sept. 30 at 7pm - 55+ Night at the Hagerstown Hotel and Convention Center
Sat. Oct. 24 at 7pm - Singles Night at the Venice Inn.
If you're looking for love, contact Sammy's Singles at call 240-291-7229 or visit them online at