Primitive Thyme... a Unique Gift Shop

Primitive Thyme... a Unique Gift Shop
by Mary Ellen Roelkey

One step into the door and your senses are awakened to the inviting scent of candles and potpourri. Your eyes take in the plethora of items - some unique and some familiar.
It is worth the time to travel to the far west end of Hagerstown to visit the quaint little shop known as "Primitive Thyme". Within the six rooms you are sure to find that special item you are looking for and perhaps something you did not know you needed (or just wanted). You might find that unique gift or special item meant just for you. Take the time to browse through each of the rooms. The atmosphere is friendly, casual, and extremely relaxing; laidback is another word that comes to mind.
Kathy Spangler opened her shop in the year 2000. She runs it basically by herself. Family members help her throughout the year, when necessary. Kathy is a local Hagerstown girl and has lived in the area her whole life.
"The thing I like the best about my shop is that it is so one-on-one and more personal than the big block stores," Kathy said when asked what sets her apart from others in the area. "I know most of my customers by their name, I go shopping I see things they are going to want and I pick it up for them. I like that hometown kind of feel. After being here for almost ten years I pretty much know everybody and what they want and don't want."
The front room is decorated seasonally with candles, wall decor, wreaths, and figurines. As you walk around the corner through the hall and into the other rooms you will find quilts, lamps, wall borders, grapevines, and brown lights. There is one room devoted to the Americana theme. The bigger back room is decorated with seasonal products. The kitchen room holds linens, pictures, mugs, and stoneware. Throughout the shop a few other items to be found are S hooks, drawer pulls, and barn stars just to name a few.
"I try to carry the unique things that I know the other stores don't carry like some of the hard to find items. We carry the regular things of course too, pretty much a little bit of everything," Kathy said.
In the near future there will be one room devoted to the products of Jill McKenzie. Jill was the owner of "Jill's House" once located near the Valley Mall. "Jill has a lot of customers that still want her things so I am going to do a joint venture and bring her in with fall and Christmas products," Kathy said.
"I know the economy is tough right now, but people still do want to buy things for their home and we have affordable decor here. We really work with our customers so that can get what they want, I mean if it is lay-away or whatever, we really work with people. We try to keep prices low, I hold items for people and do whatever I can to help them get the product they want," Kathy continued.
Autumn is fast approaching and Kathy's shop will display the seasons with items we will all want to own. So if you want a pleasant experience in the shopping world venture west out route 40 National Pike (15603C National Pike), Hagerstown. Kathy's shop hours are 10am to 5pm Wednesday through Saturday and 12 to 5pm Sunday. The shop is closed Monday and Tuesday. Want more information? Call the shop at 301-582-0826.