County Comment: County Retirees, Employees Honored for Service

CUTLINE: State's Attorney Charles Strong (L) is congratulated by Commissioner Bill Wivell for 20 years service to Washington County.

County Comment
County Retirees, Employees Honored for Service
by Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

Over 130 County employees were honored for service to the citizens of Washington County at the annual Employee Service/Retirement Awards Breakfast held on Tuesday, May 12th at the Plaza Hotel in Hagerstown.
Eleven retirees were honored, including Arnold Barr of the Highways Department who served the County for 35 years. Other retirees included former Division of Environmental Management - Solid Waste Deputy Director Robert Davenport, along with Paul Hahn and John Lum also of Solid Waste. Highways Department retirees included Ronald Ridenour, Barr and Ray Gladhill. Sheriff's Department retirees included Richard Blair, Terri Blair, Carol Milburn, and James Woods. Stoyan Russell retired from the Division of Fire and Emergency Services.
Honored for 35 years of service to the citizens of Washington County were:
Paul Golden of the Engineering Department, and Arnold Barr of Highways
Thirty-year service honorees included Andrea Wyand of the Sheriff's Department - Patrol Division, Dennis Engle of Water Quality and Ray Gladhill of Highways.
Those with 25 years service included Robert Davenport, Dennis Embly, Larry Jessop, Terrance Keefer, Kenneth Kitchen, and Steve Zies, of Solid Waste; Melvin Swope, Michael Knight and Rodney Weicht with the Sheriff's Department -Detention Division, along with Barbara Brown of the Sheriff's Department -Judicial Division; John Mellott and Jim Sterling of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Lawrence Everhart of Highways; Kelly Reynard of the Transit Department and Rocky Bishop of Water Quality.
Twenty- year service honorees included: Robert Beckley, Brian Banzhoff, Terri Taylor, and Steven Pryor of the Sheriff's Detention Division; Kim Bowers, Harry Strock and Sherry Alidoosti of Water Quality; Mark Mummert and Angela Smith of the Permits and Inspections Department; Charles Strong and Jill Ritter of the State's Attorney's Office; John Kain and John Easterday of Black Rock Golf Course; Doug Levine and Douglas Divelbiss of Highways; Jeff Weller of Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Krista Shipley of Human Resources; Janet Moats, Hagerstown Regional Airport; and Keith Bowen of Emergency Services
Those with 15 years of service to the County include: Kenneth Barnhart, Christopher Weaver, and Samuel Younker of the Sheriff's-Patrol Division and Sharon Mellott, Sheriff's Detention Division; Randy Ganoe, Michael Wilkinson and Ellis Snyder of Highways; Craig Reid and Michael Ward of Water Quality; Debra Murray of Budget and Finance; Karen Dickie of Information Technologies; Frank Palmer of Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Tracy Zamora of Circuit Court; Bill Graham of the State's Attorney's Office; Sherry Marks of the Transit Department and Marshall Maravelis of Emergency Services.
Ten-year service pins were awarded to; County Commissioner Bill Wivell; Jamie Burkett, Kelly Mann, Eric Leather, Laura Melville, Jeffrey Stanley, Craig Elwood, Clarence Davis, Nancy Stouffer and Evelyn Burnett of the Sheriff's-Detention Division; Christopher Howard, Mark Price, Damian Broussard, Scott Beckley, Daniel Watson, David Smith and David Fortson of the Sheriff's-Patrol Division; Michael Palladino and Allen Creek of the Sheriff's-Judicial Division; Pamela Ambrose, Daniel Dwyer, Linde Cessna, Debra Kline and Jennifer Bricker of Circuit Court; Patricia Jones, Richard Shilling and Darin Grim of Water Quality; Alicia Bowers and Pamela Grosh of the State's Attorney's Office; John Lum and Randall Kretzer of Solid Waste; David Socks and Christine Johns of the Transit Department;. Linda Spence and Tim Troxell of the Economic Development Commission Office, Tom Evans, Office of the County Administrator; Vicki Lumm of the County Attorney's Office and Jaime Dick of Parks, Recreation and Facilities.
Those serving five years included: Carl Witmer, Matthew Bragunier, Tara Little, Norma Burcker, Todd Crowder, Ryan Socks, and Alan Crawford, Sheriff's-Patrol Division; Keith Beaver, Joseph Barnhart, Curtis Reedy, Brian Shifflett, and Ryan Mauck of the Sheriff's-Detention Division; Jason Kline, Bonnie Keltner, James Ulrich and Stoyan Russell of the Division of Fire and Emergency Services; Michael Kaiser, Timothy Kolb, and Keith Small of Water Quality; Samuel Mowery, Alicia Heil and Donald Warfield of the Highways Department; Michelle Flores and Brett Wilson of the State's Attorney's Office; Michael Kidwell and Raymond Palmer of the Permits and Inspections Department; Darlene Stratton, Black Rock Golf Course; Christine Casey, Parks, Recreation and Facilities; Thom Kline of the Community Partnership/ Local Management Board; Brandi Naugle of the Purchasing Department and Christine Pryor of the Transit Department.
The Board of County Commissioners began the program in 1998 to reward dedication and longevity in service to the citizens of Washington County.