Fish News: $3,000 First Place Prize

Fish News
$3,000 First Place Prize

Capt. Craig Paige will be speaking at our May 19 meeting. He will be speaking about red and black drum:
One of the best fishermen in the Chesapeake Bay is now available for hire. Capt. Jorj Head is an expert at catching all of Virginia's inshore fish but he is probably best known for his multiple cobia, flounder, and striped bass tournament wins. Jorj has been a certified captain for a while but this is the first year he has taken charters. Fish Head Charters can be reached at: (757) 262-9004.
$3,000 First Place Prize: "The Flounder Bowl", the open flounder tournament of the PSWSFA will be one June 27 with a captains meeting on the 26th. It will be held out of Dare Marina and Yacht Sales ( This will be a team tournament with an entry fee of $100 per boat. There is also a sponsors division with an entry fee of $200. Sponsored boats will fish in the regular tournament and will also compete for a sponsor's trophy. Winners will be determined by the combined weight of a 3-fish stringer. The top six boats will finish in the prize money. The rest of the boats will be entered into a "lucky dog" drawing for an additional cash prize. There will be an optional big fish Calcutta of $100 single largest fish takes all. In addition to the cash prizes, there will be special awards for the largest flounder caught by a youth and the largest flounder caught by a lady.
May 10-11, everybody and their brother is catching big black drum right now. I spent two evenings near buoys 10 and 8 on the seaside of the high rise. There was a fleet there on Mother's Day. We fished on Charles Southall's boat Sunday night. Monday night, we were the only boat there. We were not going to go either due to the weather. Tricia and I went out to a movie instead, came home and were eating dinner when we noticed that it sure looked pretty calm outside of our window. Dinner was forgotten. We went out, hopped on her boat, and scooted across the bay. No other boats, but the drum were still thick. Both evenings, any clam bait (we were using chowder clams) on the bottom did not last any time at all. Multiple hook-ups were the norm. Both evenings were constant action until we just did not want to catch another one.
May 10, Capt. Jorj Head of "Fish Head Charters", 757-262-9004, was out there in the fleet on Mother's Day near buoy 10. He and Alan Meetze experienced great action catching multiple black drum until they decided to leave the fish biting and run on home.
May 10, Mike Avery, Wes Blow, and Fletcher and Verna Whitley fished near Fisherman's Island. Verna caught a 51-inch red drum. They then caught 7 big black drum before calling it an evening.
May 10, Ric and Roger Burnley fished Fisherman's Island Inlet. They caught 4 large red drum.

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