It's Only Ink! Ellison the Elephant

It's Only Ink!
Ellison the Elephant

Little Ellison just wants to sound like all the other elephants. He doesn't sound like his sister or her friends. They can blow a loud trumpet blast. He doesn't even sound like an elephant at all! He lets out a little toot, and he's tired of being called names. The more Ellison tries, the more frustrated he becomes. His mom explains to him that he's different--unique, and that it's okay to be those things. Ellison tries until he meets up with Weasel...who encourages him to try harder.
This book, appropriate for any age sends the message of encouragement, love, self-acceptance, and understanding. Kids will love this heartwarming book as they travel to the safari where they learn that it's okay to be out of the ordinary.
James Muscarello, illustrator of Ellison the Elephant, has a passion for character animation, sculpting, toy design, illustration and his general love of art. These passions shine through his wonderful full, soft-colored drawings in "Ellison the Elephant."
As a Book-on-CD, "Ellison the Elephant," inspires readers to find their own voice--even if it's unusual. "The art of reading becomes an educational multi-media experience as readers enjoy the celebratory sounds of Ellison's "jazz trunk," music composed by Giovanna Imbesi, with vocals by Bryon Holley.

Ellison the Elephant written by Eric Drachman
Published by: Kidwick Books,
Released: November 2004
ISBN: 0-9703809-1-7
Price: $18.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland,