It's Only Ink! Mother Mouse

It's Only Ink!
Mother Mouse

Mother Mouse: Book 2 was a fun book to read. In the second Mother Mouse book, told in rhyme, there are two stories. The first teaches opposites. The second teaches ways of transportation.
"This story is similar to the children's tale about the woman who swallowed the fly. She goes on to swallow more things. After each thing she swallows you repeat all that she previously swallowed. As Mother Mouse describes each way of transportation you repeat all that she has described previously. These stories are like the first Mother Mouse stories. They are fun, rhyming, entertaining, and educational. Parents, caretakers of children, teachers, and children themselves will enjoy reading and sharing the Mother Mouse stories." (Mirror Publishing)
Mae's illustrations are colorful, fun, and appealing to children.
Mother Mouse: Book 1 was published in 2008 and features stories about manners, measurements, and shapes.
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Mother Mouse Book 2 by Darcie Mae
Publisher: Mirror Publishing,
Release: February 2009
ISNB: 978-0-9822560-7-7
Price: $8.99
Read aloud: 3-7
Read alone: 8 & up
Format: Softcover, Chapter, 40 pages