Fish News: Exciting Catches, Meetings, and Recaps

Fish News
Exciting Catches, Meetings, and Recaps

Two exciting catches were made this week. Mike Avery ran offshore out of the Salt Ponds. Mike has quietly become one of the best fishermen in the state simply by always trying new things, fishing when others stay home, and by fishing longer and harder than everyone else. He never toots his own horn but the catches on his boat speak for themselves. This time, they ran southeast of the Cigar and tried for some early tuna. They did not catch any tuna but decided to just stay out there after dark. A rare Virginia swordfish rewarded their perseverance! Their fish weighed in a bit under 100 pounds. The other big catch was made a bit closer to shore. James Breen fished for flounder near the 3rd island of the CBBT. This young angler caught the largest flounder of the year so far. His doormat weighed in at 10 pounds 9 ounces!
The next meeting of the PSWSFA will be on April 21. Lou Rajnys will be speaking to us about vertical jigging. This technique has proven both fun and productive for multiple species.
April 13, we fished for tautog in the Triangle Wrecks area. We caught 29 tautog to 21 inches long. We also caught a number of sea bass with most of those being too small to keep.
April 10, Brandon Bartlett fished out of Oregon Inlet. They hooked a bunch of bluefin tuna but broke off a good number as their lines were rubbing along other tuna in the school. The one that they kept weighed in at 130 pounds.
April 9, Steve Martin fished near 36A and caught 10 flounder. Their largest was 22 inches long.
April 9, Brandon Bartlett fished the CBBT. They caught 15 nice tautog up to 7 pounds.
April 9, Mike Avery fished SE of the Cigar. They did not find any tuna but did manage to bring home a nice swordfish!
April 6, Rick Wineman fished out of Oregon Inlet. They had a tough time on the troll. After missing a number of fish, they decided to give jigging a try. It was a good decision. They caught bluefin tuna in the 100-150 pound range.
April 6, Mike Avery fished out of Hatteras with Tiki Bob on the Fin Seeker: They had a fantastic day both trolling and jigging. They caught 7 blackfin tuna, 7 yellowfin tuna, a dolphin, 4 false albacore, a skipjack tuna, and a whole lot of amberjack.
April 5 and 6, we ran out and did some wreck fishing. It was really blowing on the 5th. We hugged the beach and fished the Marble Wreck without any luck. On the 6th, we ran offshore and did some wreck hopping. We came back with a catch of sea bass and some tautog. No monsters but a nice day on the water.

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