An Interview With A Maryland Chiropractor: Part One

An Interview With A Maryland Chiropractor
Part One
by Angelique Shofar

Dr. Meyerson, when most people think of chiropractic they think treatment after an accident or physical therapy. How would you define and clarify chiropractic
healing? And how does your philosophy differ from mainstream chiropractic care?
I think an important thing people need to consider when thinking about seeing a chiropractor is that there are many different types of chiropractors. So I cannot necessarily define and clarify chiropractic as a whole. I can tell you what I do and how I practice, but I by no means am speaking for the entire profession.
One of the differences in how I practice is that I see chiropractic as something that benefits everyone. This is something I am passionate about and, in my office, I really focus on educating people. The truth is chiropractic is something that can help people physically express more life. I see people of all ages, different occupations, and many with no complaints, all on a regular ongoing basis, so they can express more life.
With regards to healing, the chiropractic approach is very unique. I recognize that only the living body heals and by helping the bodywork better we are giving
it a better chance to heal itself. I am not a healer or someone who can cure, I can only help the body correct interference to its own ability to function properly. The great news is the living body has an awesome innate ability to heal itself. Allowing for the body to heal itself does take time and an
understanding of and trust in the abilities the body has. Healing and helping the body to heal itself is only a part of what chiropractic is all about.
Most people seek chiropractic care when their back is out of order, they have suffered ongoing chronic pain or by physician's order. Most people are not aware it is as a wellness and preventative treatment. Yet it actually works beyond the physical body. Can you explain further?
You are correct. Most people do think of chiropractic as associated with bad backs or stiff necks, etc. While many people with these issues do find help with chiropractic, that particular focus really
shortchanges people from some of the bigger benefits of chiropractic. The real effect from chiropractic adjustments is not just on the back or the spine, but also on the nervous system. By adjusting spinal misalignments, we are allowing the nervous system to operate without interference.
Why does this matter or why is this important?
First, we need to ask: what does the nervous system do? Or, what does the nervous system affect? In short everything. The nervous system is the part of our body that controls, coordinates and organizes everything. Messages and energy are sent to the entire body through the nerves. Life is physically expressed in our bodies through the nervous system. If something interferes with this system there is no way the body can work as well as it should. This disruption could affect our ability to heal, express life and health, perform or function properly. This is the bigger vision of chiropractic, as I see it.
My first experience with "wellness chiropractic"-as I call it-was when I was in massage school. You were part of the Wellness Center that shared a space in
conjunction my school. I was not in pain, yet a friend told me about you and insisted that I see you. Well, I did and I continued to see you well beyond graduation. (And am actually looking forward to seeing you again.) Please explain the importance of regular adjustments and how it can improve the quality of life.
I am glad that your friend referred you in and took the chance to influence you in spite of the fact you had no symptoms. Many people make the mistake of believing they cannot benefit from chiropractic unless they have a certain symptom. The bigger benefits of chiropractic come from ongoing regular care. It is just like many wellness type activities. No one exercises three times a week for three or four weeks and then quits, figuring they have maxed out on their benefits. Ongoing regular exercise offers the greatest benefits. It is the same for eating right, getting proper rest, or brushing your teeth. Chiropractic is no different. Having your spine checked and adjusted as necessary on a regular ongoing basis, is where the greatest benefits are. Each adjustment can build on the last and a person's body and level of health can improve and change over time. I have seen it in myself and in my practice, those who have been consistent on an ongoing basis have seen some of the greatest changes. I wish there was an easier answer or a quick fix, but like everything else the truth is that is not how it really works.
Dr. Meyerson, you have an amazing system that is unmatched by other chiropractic practices--a system that not only encourages regular spinal adjustments, but one that is affordable. Share with us your style and approach and how it differs from others.
I do have a unique system as a direct result of the way I see chiropractic care. I know that anyone alive and with a spine will be better off with a good nerve supply and a fuller expression of life, from birth to death. I know that everyone will receive the greatest benefit from chiropractic care utilizing it on a regular ongoing basis, because of the stressful things we do to our bodies on a daily basis. The ideal situation would be if you could get your spine checked everyday for the rest of your life. While this may be impractical (I cannot move into everyone's homes), I think we should all get checked by a chiropractor, at least, on a weekly basis. This is what I do for myself, and my family. All this leads up to my system. I have my office setup to remove three obstacles: time, money and understanding. The only way people can come in weekly is if it does not take too much time. Regular office visits are very efficient they take about three minutes. We just check and adjust people, nothing else. Since visits can be so quick I do not take appointments, I have open hours where people can just walk in at a convenient time of their week and quickly get checked and adjusted.
Dr. Jason Meyerson is a Baltimore County native and has been practicing chiropractic in the Baltimore area since 1996. He is a 1995 graduate, with honors, of Life Chiropractic College West and a 1992 graduate of Towson University. He has an office in Canton, East Baltimore and one in Ellicott City. You can contact him by phone: (410) 276-7774 or E-mail or on the web:

This article will be continued in the 5-1-05 issue of the Picket News.