It's Only Ink!: On This Beautiful Island

It's Only Ink!
On This Beautiful Island

Guanin, a young Taino boy from Puerto Rico who, with Tahite his parrot friend, go on a secret journey where he finds beauty in the mountains, wealth in the ocean foam, and wonderment in everything around him.
The author, Edwin Fontanez, wrote this delightful book so that children from around the world could travel to new surroundings of 500 years ago. There, children will learn about a different culture and the people who live on this ancient land. Fontanez's book teaches children the value of friendship and love.
The brightly colored illustrations, also by Edwin Fontanez, perfectly compliments the strong, poignant, and educational story. This multicultural children's picture book is a must-read and comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her three children.

On This Beautiful Island written by Edwin Fontanez
Published by: Exit Studio,
Released: 2005
ISBN: 0964086867
Price: $16.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland,